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psychology assignment --> parapsychology

Amy Buckle

on 1 July 2010

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The study of the paranormal phenomena or psychic ability (psi)
which appear to exceed the normal way we aquire information,
so is considered anomalous ( exceptional or unusual) 4 types of psi Telepathy Clairvoyance Precognition Psychokenesis The transmission of info from one mind to another without the use of language! body movments! or any known senses Having the supposed power
to see objects or events that
cannot be perceived by the senses The apparent ability to access info about future events before they happen (Morris 1989) leeroy
Nostradamus is a famous example many believing he predicted the 9/11 disaster and many things throughout history... Most haunted's Derek Acorah is
apparantly a clairvoyant =s real
or fake this clip would suggest fake Anomalous or exceptional experiences Out of body experiences
(OBE's) Near-death experiences
(NDE's) Past-life experiences
(PLE's) The suppose power of the mind to
manipulate matter at a distance without
any known psychical means You would have thought Yvette Fielding
would have made it a little bit less obvious
that she was moving the table =s Survival of conscioiusness -->
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