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Are tanning beds safe?

No description

lily highley

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Are tanning beds safe?

what are tanning beds
A tanning bed is a contraption that is used to give you a deep tan without using the sun
who uses the beds most?
35% of american adults
59% of college students
17% teens have all admitted to using tanning beds
almost 70% of Caucasian girls (16-29)
nearly 30 million people tan annually

How does it relate to skin cancer?
Image by Tom Mooring
Are tanning beds safe?
some states you must be 18
other states you need a parent signature
FDA suggests no more than 3 times per week
less than 11% follow this recommendation
women who use tanning beds regularly are 55% more likely to develop melanoma
on an average day more than 1 million people use tanning beds
by using a tanning bed once it increases your risk of skin cancer 20%
How do they work?
uses ultraviolet radiation
produces more melanin
melanin is a pigment that darkens the skin
risk of Melanoma is increased 75% if use of tanning beds before age 35
the UV light burns the skin
Causes radiation in eyes and skin
Teen tanning
estimated 2.3 million teens visit tanning salons at least once a year
1 our of 3 teenagers use tanning beds because they said it looks healthy
less than 1/3 of american teenagers practice effective sun protection
Chart who tans
Now that you know all about tanning beds, do they seem safe to you?
risk of cancer
radiation poisoning
eye damage
skin aging
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By: Lily Highley
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Are Tanning Beds
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