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Student Confrences

No description

sophia sperduto

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Student Confrences

Student Conferences In Math I've Learned........ Welcome Mom & Dad -Perimeter & Area
-Dot Plots & Bar Graphs
-Histograms & Stem-and-Leaf Plots
-Generic Rectangles
-Percents, Decimals, &
-Enlarging & Reducing Shapes
-Rearranging Areas In Science I've Learned....... In Reading I've....... In Language Arts I've Done.... -Harris Burdick Stories
-Figurative Language
-Goldilocks Fill-in-the-Blanks
-Cool Runnings Movie Review -Lab Safety -PHEOCS -Brainology -Metric Measuring -Digestive System (Just started circulatory
& respiratory system) **Will show you more w/
presentation in Mrs. Kohls room In Social Studies I've Learned..... -Archeology
-Old & New Stone Age
-Ancient Egypt (Now) -Read Maniac Magee
-Read Things Not Seen (R)
-Compared Maniac Magee to The Sandlot
-Infered (K)
-Learned About Nonfiction, Text Codes, & Summaries & Link to Scarology https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/document/d/1r2m-5LhJSgCwI6WXG6B1z1_Rh0_BOADUcJlEVGL22Rk/edit Link to Dialogue https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/document/d/1xjdPgosWssuAgQDgBnvOvnDsVNhgIMFVTGh6LLWptYQ/edit Link to Goldilocks https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/document/d/1dKcJGyWHYaF_Hnawhh4tGY_HGGtq9AvNEkE7nC76ro0/edit Link to Cool Runnings https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/document/d/1RtnzvBGp1DsI4YiJPjt0JP3edIAcTMnkcWrRU7YMg4g/edit Some Things I Enjoyed This Year
(So Far) Are........ One Thing I Really Liked Learning About Was...... MUMMIES Because........I think they're really interesting
and we are making some in science. The Subject That Gave Me The Most Trouble Was..... I think it is hard & a little bit boring. My Study Habits & Organizational Skills Are ORGANIZATIONAL: 1-10 = 6 It's not all that great but I can find things fast (Because I know where they are) STUDY HABITS: 1-10 = 4 I usually look over my notes quick but I pay attention well in class My Attitude & Effort Towards My Work Has Been.... 1-10 = 9 (Nobody's perfect) I Am Most Proud Of...... My Effort At My Work I Need To Improve On.... LISTENING! My Behavior In And Out Of The Classroom.......... 1-10 = 8 I try to get to class quick but some times I get held up Something's I Think You & Teachers Would Think I Should Work On............ -Homework
-Listening/Paying Attention
-Studying School Homework Doc....... The homework doc is a document where the teachers put the homework for the day in case someone forgets to write the homework down or wasn't at school & wants to do the homework. Link to homework doc https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/document/d/14cQc0viLpDBsfkbZvZsnii3lPJlDxqtvml12OtTKJ5c/edit House Website......... The house website has all the things that are going on in house B. It also has a link to the homework doc, http://positivehouse.blogspot.com/ Link to house website THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!!!!!!!!! -ART
-BAND/TRUMPET Link For Area Decomposer http://www.cpm.org/flash/technology/area_decomposer.swf Link to HAPPY DAYS https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/file/d/0B4LvqPpMXwKOWWdBUDBlTUlhb0U/edit Link BLOOD FLOW MODLE https://docs.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/file/d/0B4LvqPpMXwKOWWdBUDBlTUlhb0U/edit My Name In Cuniform Link To Ms. Blaneys Blog http://www.msblaney.blogspot.com/ Link To Mummy Website http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/mummies/home.html Me Cutting Paper Towel For My Mummy Specials...... - In FACS I learned about colors, reading, and cooking
-In Spanish I learned the alphabet, numbers, days & months, and songs
-In French I learned verbs and numbers
-In 2D Art I made watercolor landscapes, and initial illustrations
- I am currently in 3D Art and I have done clay monsters, This is me with my 'Ugly
Gift' from the exchange
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