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Cultural Revolution

No description

ethan hunt

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution
Ethan Hunt and Dane Foresman
A Buzz Production
The cause
Through Mao's attempt to reestablish control of his country
The people started to realize about the truth about the government and the outside world
Mao made the red guard to stir up conflict
Killed teachers,burned books,and killed Mao's enemies

About Mao
a. Mao's job was a poet
b. his family was poor
c. worked at a library and found the idea of communism in a library book
D. He started to fight for communism
The start of the cultural revolution was October,1966
Fast Facts
Ethan Hunt: executive Producer
Dane Foresman: searcher
Ethan Hunt: Director
Dane Foresman: Co Director
This is a Buzz production prezi all rights reserved to buzz production
the Soviet Union said "today of the Soviet Union is the tomorrow of china"Which show the friend ship between the two countries
Games /Questions
What year did the cultural Revolution begin ?
who was the leader of the cultural revolution ?
What type of government did China promote ?
All rights to questions go to buzz production
which of these are true about Mao
The red guard
Killed lots of people, burned books, and did a lot more horrible stuff
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