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Grendel and the Zodiac

No description

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Grendel and the Zodiac

Grendel and the Zodiac

More about the Gemini
The sign of the Gemini is the twins, which has a lot to do with the duality in their nature. The inconsistent and irregular behavior sets them apart from the rest. One day they may find an interest of their liking and pursuer it, then the next day they may like the exact opposite thing. They can feel the love and hate at the same time in any given situations, as this can become difficult to distinguish the two feelings. This thus can become very confusing and overwhelming for the individual, and not just for the individual, but for the people around .
Grendel and the Gemini
In Ch. 3 of the book it, for the first time, introduces the Shaper into the story. As Grendel listens to the Shaper create a better world with his songs, if forces Grendel to think, and almost see both sides of the situation as a Gemini would. As Grendel admits to himself "even to me, incredibly, he had made it all seem true and very fine" (pg 36). Grendel seams lost in his head, even yells out "Lost!" (pg. 37) because there is nothing more the he wants then to believe the Shaper and his false hope.
Adaptable and versatile

Dual-natured ("two-faced")
Need new interests
Change with their environment
Strong appetite for learning (the search for information)

Maknig (or sticking with) decisions
Being a "good sport" when things are agaist them
Dealing with adversity, trials, disasters
Recogning when they hurt others
Avoiding dishonesty in the work place (Geminis are good at conning others! Even at theivery)
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