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Multimedia Reading in the Home

Tech Article Review Presentation

Sarah Jones

on 25 February 2010

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Transcript of Multimedia Reading in the Home

What is an ETB? Electronic Talking Book:
texts on CD-ROM or the Internet that
feature not only the written word, but also
multimedia elements such as animations,
narrations, music, and video. ETBs can also contain:
highlighted texts
user control of narration speed
"hot spots" that activate animations
games Benefits of using ETBs text narrations and animated illustrations make reading easier allow students access to more difficult texts readers concentrate on meanings rather than decoding or fkuency exposre to print and visual word recognition increase motivation to read http://pbskids.org/lions/stories/pigsinhiding.html
The Home Reading Project 8-11 year old reluctant readers were chosen to use take home packets which included a
CD-ROM Electronic Talking Book (ETB), Parent Feedback Form, and software instructions.
a reluctant reader is defined as someone who showed little enthusiam for reading in class (according to teacher reports) and didn't take home many classroom or library books and spent less than average time reading at home. Student Responses to the ETBs Parent Responses Parent opinions were very diverse, but the majority of them
thought that ETBs led to improvements in
their children's reading abilities and attitudes. Positive
ETBs are fun
if you are stuck you can hear it again
I listened first, then tried to read it myself
it was the only time my father would pause his video games to read with me
Factors that Facilitated the Inplementation
of the ETB Home Reading Program students were already familiar with the use of computers and easy to use software
students were interested in the topics
parents took an active role in their child's reading at home
the school presentation of the ETB program Factors that Inhibited the Implementation
of the ETB Home Reading Program students complained of not being able to hold a book
parents not making time to supervise and encourage reading
students having to compete with computer time at home
parents lack of knowledge about how students learn to read
not enough involvement by the teachers or schools to "sell" the program

If ETBs "ignite the flame" in even a modest percentage of reluctant readers, they are surely a worthwhile addition to our repetoire as literacy educators! Research Questions Will the use of electronic talking books (ETBs) at home motivate the reluctant reader? What factors influence and inhibited the implementation of the ETB home reading program? Remember this popular bear?
The ETB has evolved! Let's take a look... Negative
uninteresting text
Not enough choice of CD-ROMs
Boring narrators
ETBs were too easy or too hard

What's the Point? Will the use of ETBs motivate reluctant readers to read more often?
What factors influence and inhibit the implementation of the ETB home reading program? "Making Time" for Reading:
Factors That Influence the Success of Multimedia Reading in the Home Reference:
Oakley, G. & Jay, J. (2008). Making time for reading:
Factors that influence the success of multimedia reading in the home.
The Reading Teacher, 62(3), 246-255.
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