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Curiosity Mars Rover Landing Sequence

Test of new Prezi Features

Steve Wishman

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Curiosity Mars Rover Landing Sequence

896 Seconds
Cruise Stage Separation
15 Seconds
Activate Sky Crane
Landing Sequence for the
Mars Curiosity Rover
>686 DAYS
After an eight-month journey to Mars, success for NASA’s Curiosity rover hinged on a few crucial moments. When curiosity began its seven-minute fall through the wispy atmosphere at 05:24 UTC on 6 August, Mission scientists on Earth could do nothing but wait and hope for the signal that the six-wheeled remote laboratory had landed safely.
162 Seconds
Parachute Deploy
138 Seconds
Heat Shield Separation
105 Seconds
Back Shell Disengages
80 Seconds
Begin Powered Descent
00 Seconds
Curiosity Rover Touches Down
on Martian Soil
416 Seconds
Entry Into Atmosphere
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