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City of Ashes

No description

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of City of Ashes

T1 Book Report
By Ashley Pak
Book Level and Genre
The book, City of Ashes by Cassandre Clare, level is 8th grade to 11th grade. However the interest level is different. To be precise, the lexile level is 750L. It is 9th grade to 12th grade because of the content and maturity level.
Protagonist and Antagonist and Character Development
There are a few obvious protagonists and antagonists. The characters like Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Simon are the main protagonists. The main antagonists are Valentine, Agramon and the demons. A few characters change throughout the book. For example, The Inquisitor seems like an antagonist at first because she throws Jace into a prison. She thought had the right choice but she really wasn't. Near the end, she comes to rescue Jace and helps them. She changed from antagonist to protagonist. Also, Raphael is a downworlder. He was an antagonist but ends up helping Simon and helping the shadowhunters. Many characters change.
"City of Ashes" takes place in Brooklyn. It is most likely in the 21st century because there is technology and modern objects. The mood is mysterious, yet light-hearted because there are some jokes and humor. Near the end of the book, the mood changes into dark, and aggressive. The tone of "City of Ashes" very mysterious and suspicious. It stays this way for the whole book,
Some of the main conflicts is when Jace is accused of being a spy for Valentine, his malicious father. On page 20, Maryse Lightwood, Jace's guardian, does not believe him when he tells her he is not a spy. She states "I do not believe you, I doubt the Clave will believe you either." Also on page 22, she is trying to prove that he is working for Valentine. "You must have known he was not your real father!" Maryse is saying that Jace must have known that Michael Wayland, his fake father, was not his real one. Another conflict is when Simon is turned into a vampire. On page 205, Raphael says "he is starving, he needs blood." This was a shock to Clary and changed Simon's life forever.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Alec, and Simon go to the Seelie Court and talk to the Fairy Queen. The Queen tricks Clary and make her kiss Jace which proved that her feelings had not changed about Jace. She still loves him even though she is his sister. On page 181, she says to Jace "don't tell me what I feel," when Jace accuses her of still liking him. Also, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Simon think of a way to protect the nephilim. They find out about Clary's power to create new runes. They test it out on Alec, and it seems to have worked developing a plan to attack Valentine.
Clary and Jace are about to kiss at the Seelie Court.
Clary can create new runes.
The Climax is when Jace finds Valentines ship and starts talking to him. Valentine shows Jace all the Greater Demons and the war that will happen. He even shows Jace the Mortal Sword. Jace is shocked by Valentine's skill to get a Greater Demon. On page 256, Jace says "Agramon? That's a Greater Demon, where did you get hold of that?" Jace also fnds out about Valentine's plan to perform The Ritual of Infernal Conversion, a very danger ritual. Jace knows it is dangerous for everyone.
The resolution is when the shadowhunters, go to Valentine's ship and attack him. Simon was kidnapped and almost bled to death, so Jace saves him by giving some of his blood. Magnus , the high warlock of Brooklyn, has to cast a spell on a truck to get to Valentine's ship. Once they got there, they end up destroying Agramon and going through many obstacles to defeat Valentine. However, the shadowhunters could not get the Mortal Sword back from Valentine. Clary uses her new power of creating runes, to create one that destroys the ship. Though Valentine escapes with the sword, everyone is safe for now. It also turns out Simon is a vampire who can walk in the sun from Jace's blood. Jace is a special shadowhunter, but no one knows why yet. The end of this book is a cliff-hanger and continues into the next book of the series.
Jace is harmed during the battle on Valentine's ship.
Rune that helped the shadowhunters.

Falling Action
The falling action is when the Jace realizes he has new powers. Since he is Valentine's son, he is half demon, half human. After Clary blows up Valentine's ship, the shadowhunters all need healing and this book is left with a cliff-hanger intentionally.
Clary's new rune.

Rune used to heal. Shadowhunters used this after battle with Valentine
Relation to Character
I relate to the character Isabelle personality wise. Isabelle is very sarcastic and humorous. She always jokes around but can be serious at the right times. Isabelle can also be grumpy at times and rush into things. This describes how I am in real life. I can relate to her ways of thinking and her actions based upon it.
Clary and Jaces Relationship
I recommend this book for girls and boys around the age of 12-16. It is shocking, and thereis some romance. It also has a high vocabulary so it should be someone who likes stronger word choice. Also, the plot needs a higher level of understanding so middle school to highschool would be fine. Overall, it is good for kids who want to read fictional, action-filled books.
A few fun facts:
1. They train all their lives
2. Alec is secretly in love with Jace
3. Alec also likes Magnus.
3. (Spoiler) Jace and Clary aren't really brother and sister.
4. Simon loves three girls. Clary, Maia, and Isabelle.
5. Isabelle likes to date people who her parents disapprove of.
6. Valentine is still alive and has created a new plan.
7. Shadowhunter are "nephilim."
8. Clary and her mother have special abilities to pull stuff out of pictures.
9. The Lightwoods are stern people.
10. (Spoiler) Jace and Clary end up with eachother forever.
One theme was 'courage shows leadership among a crowd.' Clary was always appointed leader because of her bravery. With her new runes, she led the shadowhunters into battle and fought with courage. She stood up against Valentine. When everyone else thought they were defeated, Clary push on ahead. She was look as the leader of everyone because her show of courage.
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