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SPE General Body Meeting IV

Nov. 28, 2012

Everardo Tapia

on 27 June 2015

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Transcript of SPE General Body Meeting IV

General Body Meeting 4 Nov. 28, 2012 Safety Brief spepennstate.org Become a member Learn more SPE Officers Ever Tapia Shane Hollerich Leyla Ramirez Matt Hogle Pat Baer Weekend Short Course 1 credit of Tech Elective Accomplishments Saturday 11/10 Wild Well Control Certification Class 11/2 -11/4 EQT Study Center Rooms 2 & 4 Deike Sunday Nights 5p - 9p Study with other PNG E students FREE COFFEE
& donuts Graduation Stoles Two Exits
NO Planned Fire Drills In case of Emergency
Meet outside and away from building President Secretary Event Coordinator Vice President Treasurer General
Announcements SPE Bowling + = 11/9 Baker Hughes
Lunch & Learn Like us on FB Join FB Group See updates before anyone else! See full calendar of events PetroBowl XII This meeting sponsored by 11/8 EMS Museum Baker Hughes
Networking Reception SPE + GeoClub With SEE Interested in ? Contact:
petrobowl@psu.edu Zach Nuhn Junior Class Rep Fall 2012 10/16 Schlumberger
Technical Talk Jayanth Khrisna Production & Stimulation Engineer
Denver, Co *pic from slb.com * 10/19 EQT
Drilling Rig Tour Welcome Back BBQ 9/7
Glenna's Garden EQT Vs Navy 9/15 Eastern Regional Mtg 10/3 - 10/5 Lexington, Kentucky ATCE 2012 October 7-10, 2012 San Antonio, Tx BHI Vs Ohio State 9/27 SPE Tailgates 60 members attended Riteja Dutta
Paper Competition Winner
Master's Level "Shale Engineering" Technical Talks

Drake Well Field Trip
Soccer Tournament
BHI Short Course?
HF Short Course?
Shell Rig Field Trip?
Engineering Week in Pittsburgh Looking Forward April 27, 2013 SPE Golf Outing Spring 2013 Are being ordered You will need to make arrangements to pay Matt Hogle, Trusty Treasurer Freshmen - Grad Students Welcome Get on angel group Saturday Snow Tubing? In the Works Darren Duhnke And Now.. Senior Facilities Engineer - Appalachia Friday 11/30 Faculty Appreciation Day "Thank You." -Albert Einstein Luis Ayala
Zuleima Karpyn
Li Li
+others After Meeting,
Please Sign Cards for Dr's: Turgay Ertekin
Russell Johns
Michael Adewumi
John Wang PNG E Most Active Member Award FALL 2012's of Courage, Determination, and Greatness. + Austin
+ Michelle
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