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Walk Two Moons

A project

Jordan Clary

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Walk Two Moons

Bad news
Page 3- On the night that we got the bad news-that she was not returning-he pounded and pounded on the wall with a chisel and a hammer.
This discovery is the crucial one to understand why Sal traveled to Idaho with her grandparents, This night is when she and her father found out that Chanhassen (Sal's mother) wasn't coming back anymore from the travel she was in, which is something that really hurt her father because he was such a good man that was always smiling and now, for the first time, he felt what was it like to be sad. Moreover, that truly affected Salamanca since she couldn't understand why her mother would leave her daughter. And from this point of the story Sal decides to travel across the US to find her mother by walking two moons in her moccacins, going to every place her mother had been.
Page 154- I asked Phoebe if she wanted to spend the weekend in my house. I'm not sure why I did this. It was an impulse.
This became a really challenging weekend for Sal since she didn't want this to happen at first, it just came out of her mouth because of Phoebe's irritating preoccupation with cholesterol that annoyed a lot Mary Lou's family during dinner. In addition, Phoebe came up with a word that echoed a lot into Sal's head called sacrifice, such as when Sal let Phoebe sleep in her room or even as when Sal let Phoebe use her the hangers that were already full of clothes. And no matter how Phoebe missed her mother, Sal was extremely mad at her because of her acting this ridiculous way.
This trip needed to happen because then Salamanca would understand the truth, even though she already knew that, Sal needed to see what happened by herself, and so she went with her grandparents through all this places, stoping at each point her mother went, to follow every step that was taken. Sal wanted the truth.
The story didn't have only one ending. Mrs. Cadaver felt really sorry about Sal, so she gave her a chicken for her to remember Bybanks and Ben, who was totally in love with Sal, named it Blackberry to remember their first kiss. Sal and Phoebe discover that Mrs. Partridge was the one sending the messages to Phoebe's house. Mrs, Winterbottom finally returned home and the "lunatic" was her son that joined the Winterbottom's family. There were many satisfying endings for some characters.
However, there were also terrible facts that really affected some of the characters in the book. After going through an enormous path in the United States, Salamanca Tree Hiddle sees with her own eyes that her mother Chanhassen has been dead since the bus accident happened. Differently than her best friend Phoebe that had her mother come back home, Sal's mother did not return. Gramps also suffered a lot when his wife Gram died in the hospital. Finally, Sal, her father and her grandfather moved back to Bybanks and returned to their old lives in the farm, and Sal had to leave school and all the people from Euclid. Now Sal is home, and her mother with her, in the trees.
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
In the book Walk Two Moons, the main character Salamanca Tree Hiddle is a girl who has lived an entire life of loss since her mother disappeared while traveling in the United States. Now Sal will revive this terrifying experience when her best friend Phoebe has her mother gone all of sudden too. Will Salamanca's mother return? Will Phoebe's mother return? Why did they leave?
Page 1- "No trees?" I said. "This is where we are going to live?"
This question shows the moment that, while moving to Ohio, Salamanca notices the enormous contrast between the place she lived most of her life (Kentucky) and her new home in Ohio. Unlike the the farm, the animals, the river and the green land that surrounded Sal, Ohio shows up as somewhere with more people, some stiff, some weird, some terrifying. And even though Sal thought these two places were totally different, this was where she saw everything that happened to her happen with Phoebe, step by step.
Bybanks, Kentucky-1
Euclid, Ohio-1
Illinois, Chicago-36
Madison, Wisconsin-51
Pipestone, Minnesota-70
Missouri, South Dakota-89
Yellowstone, Wyoming-199
Old Faithful, Montana-216
Lewiston, Idaho-262
Page 168- Could you die before you were born?
This question appeared when Salamanca tells about her sister that her parents wanted s0 much died still inside Sugar strangled by the umbilical chord hours before she got out of Sugar's body. What Sal is thinking at that moment is that if you weren't born yet and you died without being able to see all the world, would you be considered somebody dead? After this horrible event, Sal's parents got really unhappy about the baby, and so the baby was buried and Tulip (Sal gave her a name) was written on the grave.
The baby
Mrs. Cadaver
Page 214- Did she regret anything?
This is a really important question in the story since it's when Sal is thinking about all the things that happened to Mrs. Cadaver (somebody that Sal avoided talking with) and finds out that all the secret messages fit perfectly Mrs. Cadaver's life by walking in her moccacins. And by tying to revive her life and understand her past, Salamanca can see how Mrs. Cadaver's life was terrible and how she suffered, especially in that night at the hospital when her husband and her mother had just been on a car accident with her, but unfortunately, she couldn't save both.
The lunatic
Page 242- "Your son?"
This question appears right when Phoebe's mother had just returned with the man that Phoebe called lunatic. Everyone was waiting for her and when she came, the truth was revealed: Mike (the lunatic) was Mrs. Winterbottom's son before she married George. However, all this time Mike had been with his adoptive parents, only having private conversations with Mrs. Winterbottom. This secret was kept by Norma for a really long time because as Mike was her son before she met George really respectable man for her) she thought he wouldn't forgive her for that. But finally, Mike acts like a real father and accepts his new son lightly.
Page 248- With the courage of that spit on me, I went to see Margaret Cadaver, and we had a long talk and that's when I found out how she met my father.
This moment of talking between Sal and Mrs. Cadaver was expected to happen somewhere in the book since I Salamanca was always avoiding any contact with Mrs. Cadaver the whole time just because she thought her father was going to simply forget her mother and start a relationship with someone new. However, this conversation was a colossal discovery for Salamanca because now she knew why her father talked so much with Margaret and what they talked about: they spoke about Sugar. And that's not everything, Sal discovered what REALLY happened to her mother all this time, when she was in that bus with Sugar and it got off road, with only one survivor: Margaret.
By herself
Page 255- Although I was terrified when I drove out of the parking lot, once I was in the highway, I felt better.
This was the most challenging thing that happened for Sal: to get the Gramps' car and drive until Lewiston by herself. She had to do it herself since Gram was feeling sick and so Gramps remained in the hospital with her the whole night, giving Sal some money and the car key,at was enough. Salamanca didn't give up on finding her mother and so she drove until the place a man told her about the bus accident, which she already knew. However when she was going to proceed, the sheriff caught her and he drove to Lewiston himself with Sal inside the car.
The truth
Page 263- "She isn't actually gone at all. She's singing in the trees."
And last but not least, the discovery about what happened to Sal's mother all this time: she died in the bus accident as well as everybody else but Margaret. When Sal comes to the cemetery, the first thing she sees is the grave with the name Chanhassen "Sugar" Pickford Hiddle, and now she can see everything that happened with her own eyes, Margaret was right. After going across the entire United States with her grandparents to find her mother, the truth was revealed: Chanhassen did not survive the accident. But Salamanca knows her mother is not totally dead, she is in the trees she always loved.

Secret Messages
Page 49-"Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccacins."
Page 58-"Everyone has his own agenda."
Page 102-"In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?"
Page 148-"You can't keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair."
Page 192-"We never know the worth of the water until the well is dry."
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