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Ungifted Book Report

No description

shahan salam

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Ungifted Book Report

Setting The setting of the book was in a school for gifted and talented students called The Academy of Scholastic Distinction. It happened in modern times. Characters Problem The problem is that Donovan made a giant globe roll down the hill and crash into the gym during the schools basketball game, and right after that he was accidentally chosen to go to The Academy of Scholastic Distinction and decided to try hiding from the super-attendant, Dr.Shlutz who was after him there. Also Beatrice was sick. Story Climax Conclusion In the end the super-attendant decided that Donovan has to go back to his old school and he could take the robotics class at the academy (three days a week). The robotics team lost because Donovan got angry when the judges didn't notice that their rival's robot crashed into theirs, and then my favorite part happened, Donovan smashed his robot into theirs and then Noah hit the robot with a chair which disqualified them. My Favorite Part My Rating, 1 - 10 My rating for this book is a 9, because the book has a great storyline and uses a variety of describing words. Realistic
Fiction Book Report On Ungifted
By: Gordon Korman Created By: Shahan Salam Genre Donovan
Dr. Schultz
Mr. Osborne (Oz)
Katie (Donovan's sister)
Daniel N.
Daniel S.
Beatrice (Katie's dog)
Tin Man (robot for the robotics competition)
Donovan's mom
Donovan's dad My favorite part was when Donovan used their robot into crashed into the opponent's robot, picked it up, and then Noah took a chair and smashed it into the opponent's robot. The story climax was when Donovan found out that Beatrice wasn't actually sick, she was having puppies!
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