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Nicole Herzog

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Welding

Teachers, each time you see a "gem" picture, a lesson plan follows. This can be done at a later time, as you see fit.
Shows chocolate bridges process and testing at student fair.
Welding IS sweet
Why be a welder?
Why did we do that?
Well, it's fun. But, also to get you thinking outside the typical thought process of 'I like English, so I should be an English teacher' or 'I like Math, so I should be an accountant.' If you like English, but don't like presenting to groups or kids (gasp!) then teaching might not be a good fit for you. And, if you like Math, but you would hate sitting at a desk all day....we need to look further...because there are a LOT of jobs that rely on good Math skills that don't involve sitting at a desk.
What did you find?
These are Welders
What do you notice about these images of people working in the welding field?
What type of environments are they working in?
Are they working in teams or alone?
What are they wearing?
Can you tell if the two pipe welders and the underwater welder is a man or a woman?
gerund or present participle: welding
1. join together (metal pieces or parts) by heating the surfaces to the point of melting using a blowtorch, electric arc, or other means, and uniting them by pressing, hammering, etc.
"the truck had spikes welded to the back"

synonyms: fuse, bond, stick, join, attach, seal, splice, melt, solder, cement
"the handle is then welded to the top of the box"

Welding takes many forms. And welds are found on most things we use. Look around your classroom to see if you can identify where you can find welds.
A desk? A chair? A metal cabinet?
Tidbit: The average car is held together with over 4,000 welds.
Welds are holding our modern lives together!
Welders work in every field.
National Defense/Military
Architecture and Construction
Energy and Utilities
planes, trains and trucks
cars & auto manufacturing
A good weld can keep a dog out. Or in.
Good welds keep us tucked-in safe at night, the air cool, the water warm... Most of the time we don't realize how many products rely on a welder's work.
Most welds go unseen. But when they fail, you usually know!
Good Welds are Important
Tidbit: There are LOTS of different types of welding. Two of the most common types of fitting copper pipe together is by soldering or brazing.
Welders &
Welding Chocolate Bridges
The Big Bang: UK Young Scientist and Engineers Fair video, 3:53 minutes.
Additional Video Resources
The Welding Institute, 2012 TWI video: Welding with Chocolate, 6:52 minutes.
Shows steel bridges, welders working, chocolate welding project and testing.
Bridges are made of all kinds of materials, wood, stone, steel, bamboo, concrete, and in this experiment - chocolate.

A simple bridge can be made of one plank that spans the distance to be crossed. A box girder bridge, however, is made from a long beam in a box shape instead of simply a plank. This box shape makes the beam much stiffer. We can demonstrate this by ‘welding’ chocolate bars into a box girder and comparing the weight a chocolate box girder can take in comparison to a chocolate plank.
how much more load can you add to a box girder bridge compared to the plank bridge?
if and when the bridge breaks, how does it break?
why is your chocolate box girder bridge stronger?

Welding with chocolate is an innovative and fun way of demonstrating welding and engineering principles in the classroom or at home!
Tidbit: Other materials, such as dried pasta, Popsicle sticks or straws, can be used to build bridges. However, melting chocolate is a fun way to simulate welding.
Teachers, this is for you...
Today I am going to tell you a little about welding. We will talk about:

Where you find welds and welders
Why welding is important
Who may be interested in becoming a welder and what careers relate to welding
like to work with my hands
like to make things, draw & create

My Story
What do you want to be when you grow up?
enjoys working with people & presenting
likes variety, in a regular schedule
highly organized
Museum Education & Community Outreach
Masters Degree
Bachelor of Fine Arts
variety is the spice of life!
We all need a job.
Full-time vs. Part-time work
Middle School Art Teacher
K-8th Grade Art Teacher
Incorporating STEM principles into art lessons and visiting engineering & manufacturing companies changed my life.
Industrial Welder
Gear-up girl!
I still like to draw...remember?
Welding involves fabrication. Sparks are flying, but this is not welding. This is cutting.
Welder/Fabricator of Armored Vehicles
put on your PPE
you stay YOU where ever you go
7-week, Certification, Paid Apprenticeship
TIG Welding
I heart
High Pressure Vessel &
Vacuum Insulated Pipe Welder
Transferable skills
willing to work hard
positive attitude

Pop-up Game
Watch the video. Tell me what job Spiderman would want to do? Give the job title.
likes adventure
likes climbing to great heights
doesn't mind working behind the scenes
enjoys helping people
The answer is....
Tell me more
Student and Teacher Resources
Women in Ironworking
Welding in Ironworking
In Mobile, Alabama, I met a Representative for the Ironworkers Local Union #798. This is a picture of the wage chart they offer for young people
to become Ironworkers.
ZERO welding experience
Some welding experience. Maybe took a Career Tech class or welded with a family member.
Okay, okay, so you really can't be a mermaid. BUT, if you still love water & have a sense of adventure what other jobs could you do that speak to your interests?
Navy Welder
Oil Rigger Welder
Underwater Welder
What other jobs can you think of?
is everywhere!
but first, let me find out a little more about you....
okay, nothing compares to chocolate, but still...it offers:
Welding Inspectors
Quality Control
Non-destructive Testing Inspectors
Tell Me More
Who certifies welders?
Who checks the work they do?
Welds are every where!
Thinking beyond our favorite school subjects
What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be a mermaid, but....
You have until the count of three to stand/sit for any question that applies to you.
Welding is everywhere.
Students, this is fun!
You try it!
• Do you like to work with your hands? Use hand tools or power tools?
• Do you like to make things, do crafts or draw?
• Do you like to play games? Board games, video games, word games…
• Do you love to work with computers? Make edits or videos?
• Do you enjoy solving math problems?
• Is speaking to groups fun for you?
• Do you like to teach others new things?
• Is helping people a joy to you?
• Would you rather work indoors or outdoors?
• Would you like to have a similar schedule every week?
• Would you like to have a different schedule every week?
• Is traveling exciting to you?
• Do you like meeting new people?
• Do you like to cook or bake?
• Have you ever taken something apart to see how it works?
• Do you like to read?
• Would you like to look under a microscope?
• Do you like to work with animals?
• Do you like building things with Legos?
• Have you ever built something useful?
• Do you like to play sports, run, bike, stay physically fit?

Fun First!
What do you like to do outside of school?
Build Your Future: Rethink Careers in Construction, 4:26 minute video
Remember, interests & abilities change & grow. Your choices today may not be what you ultimately choose to do in your daily work. But remembering to be true to yourself will help you find fulfillment in whatever you choose!
HOMEWORK: Go to www.career-discovery.org. Go to the Student Guide. Read the lists of jobs in different clusters. Pick a job title you have never heard of and research what the job entails and the training & education you need to do it.
Teacher Resource: Civil Engineering Activity
What does it take to be a good welder?
be healthy and fit
great eyesight
good hand-eye coordination
enjoy working with tools
math skills
reading and interpreting skills
willingness to be a life-long learner
How do I get trained as a welder?
Career Tech Classes
Technical or Vocational Schools
Community Colleges
On-the-job Training

Who can become a welder?
"Engineering is a broad term that covers a wide range of applications and industries. Combining mathematics, science and technology, engineers produce creative solutions to real world problems. As a result there are many different types of engineering degrees available.


...with literally hundreds of different subcategories of engineering under each branch."


Tell Me MORE!
Drafting and Design
Project Management
A great site for anyone interested in engineering!
This site is packed with teacher and student resources. GO. TO. IT!
Teacher Resource: Robotics Activity
download at: http://www.futuresinengineering.com/robotics.pdf
download at: http://www.futuresinengineering.com/civil.pdf
Research for yourself....
Your parents, best friend, teacher or school counselor will not be going to work for you. You will!
Choose what interests YOU.
Robots weld too! Robotic Technicians, Controllers and Engineers are needed to make most automobile welds.
a variety of work that transfers into may different fields
satisfaction of seeing your work roll down the roads, fly through the air and help us down stairs!
offers good pay & is in high demand
a skill that transitions well into teaching, inspecting, testing or engineering careers
Did you stand up for "Have you ever taken something apart?" You might be a natural engineer if you did!
Did you know that even your toothpaste is welded? YES, it is!
And all those plastic containers that you can never get open....
Ultrasonic Plastic Welding
Welding career presentation with welding, civil engineering and robotics activities embedded.
What's a tree surgeon?!?
Who is responsible for planning and tracking your college and career goals?

Who can help you plan your career?

How can you find out if a particular job or field of study is right for you?
There are a variety of videos on engineering and personal interviews on this website. You could easily swap videos to personalize this lesson plan.
TONS and tons of video resources, links and career planning tools!
State of Ohio teaching standards.
Go to www.futuresinengineering.com for video links.
Created by
Nicole N. Herzog

Nicole N. Herzog
created by:
Technical Education Career Coach
Southern Union State Community College
1701 Lafayette Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801

334-745-6437 Ext. 5492
Please tell me if you use this presentation.
have story. will travel.
you can't choose your fortune, but you can choose your future!
insert mermaid story here!
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