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An Angel in Disguise

No description

Jessica Pollitt

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of An Angel in Disguise

An Angel in Disguise Characters John is the oldest of the three children. He is 12 years old. He was a stout lad. He was able to get a job with any farmer he wanted. Kate was the middle child at the age of 10. She was very bright and active. Maggie was the youngest of the three children.Two years before her mother's death, she fell out of a window and injured her spine. She couldn't move unless someone picked her up. Their mother was drunk.She walked into the front door and died in front of her children. Farmer Jones took in John. Mrs. Ellis took in Kate. Joe Thompson was a wheelwright. He took in Maggie because he had a kind heart. Jessica Pollitt
Due Friday, November 4, 2011 Jane Thompson is the wife of Joe Thompson. She had a change of heart in the story. Setting It took place in a small village many, many years ago. By: T.S. Arthur Theme The theme in the story is people can change. They may have certain beliefs, but these beliefs may change as circumstances in their life change. Plot John, Kate, and Maggie just watched their mother die right in front of their eyes.Their mother was drunk and she walked into their home where she then passed away. Maggie is the youngest child. Two years before her mother's death, she fell out of a window and suffered a spine injury that changed her life forever. She was no longer able to move by herself. It makes one wonder if the stress of her daughter's injury is what led her to drink. John and Kate were the children who immediately got taken in by other families. Maggie was left alone because she served no purpose. She was paralyzed and she could never move unless someone picked her up. After their mother's funeral, John and Kate said goodbye to their little sister forever. As people left, they watched Maggie sit all alone, with no where to go. The people of the village all agreed that someone needed to take her to the poorhouse. I understood the poorhouse to be similar to an orphanage. One man by the name of Joe Thompson saw what was happening. After everyone else left, he picked up Maggie and carried her to his house. When he arrived, his wife, Jane Thompson, was very angry about what she saw. She couldn't believe her husband brought home a "sick brat." Jane immediately says take her to the poorhouse where she belongs. Joe tells his wife that not even he could carry her all the way there by nightfall. She finally agrees to let her stay, but only one night. Joe talks to Maggie and asks how long she has been like this and how it happened. After a while, Jane begins talking to her too. She then decides that Maggie is weak and that she should stay a couple more days. Joe never took Maggie to the poorhouse. Jane fell in love with Maggie. She loved the thought of having someone to look after because she had no children of her own. Maggie was an angel in disguise because she brought a childless mother happiness. Point of view An Angel in Disguise is told in 3rd person point of view. Mood Conflict At the beginning of the story the mood is sad and depressing. At the end of the story, the mood changed and it made me feel hopeful and happy that Maggie found a home and finally, someone accepted her and who she was. The conflict in this story is a man versus man conflict. People don't accept Maggie because she isn't perfect. She isn't loveable or worth their time. All because she is unable to move. Fornately, not everyone felt she was worthless. The Thompson's took a chance and were very blessed by this child of God. AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE
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