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The seminoles

No description

Beth Smith

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The seminoles

The Seminoles
The Seminoles lived in the everglades or in southeast Florida. The Seminoles headquarters is located in the northern everglades.
Traditional men's roles
Some of the traditional men's roles are hunting and farming. They hunt deer, turkey, rabbit, and alligator.
A chickee was built on stilts about 3 feet above ground, so that it would not flood. It had no walls so breezes could blow through because it got hot in the everglades.
To pass time the Seminole did bead work, woodcarving, and basket weaving. Some materials used for bead work are shells, coral, turquoise and other stones, copper and silver, wood, amber, ivory, and animal bones, horns, and teeth
Seminole crafts
The Seminole's origin story is "Turtles Race With Wolf." In the story wolf treated turtle. Because turtle was slow he called his six cousins and told them his plan to race wolf
Origin Stories
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