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The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian


nicole walker

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian Meet Junior... The rez... Why does alcohol have such a big role on the reservation? ... but a target everywhere he goes! How will Junior achieve the hope he deserves? Mr P says.... Reardan... Why didn't Junior be tougher during the hard times? Why does Junior pretend to have more money than he does? Answer.... Answer.... His Family An all white school...
Where he meets Gordy...
And Penelope...
And Roger...

Who become such important people. Where he is bullied...
and dreams just don't come true. "Son, your going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad, sad, sad reservation." "You have to leave
the rez forever." Junior is very self-conscious about people knowing his true identity, or at least the people who don't already know. He believes what they don't know can't hurt them or in this case can't hurt him. When Junior was going through all the difficult events in his life, he did try to make the best of it but it's much harder than it looks. No one could possibly understand unless they have been through it all themselves. If someone just hides all the pain and pretends it is nothing, they could make it much worse. Answer... Question... Question... Question... Grandmother Mary
(Sister) Mum Dad Smart Low self-conscious Suffer from Cerebral Spinal Fluid Poor Indian Alcohol has a big impact on the reservation because the people who live there, mostly their ancestors have been through so much. Many people, especially on the rez believe alcohol can make you feel better so they drink a lot. That is where they become addicted and can't stop or just cause disaster. So Junior must begin a long, frightening journey to find hope... Poverty is the cause of so many limitations. I thought the storyline was so intense however it didn't feel that way. Some seemed as though it was all a big joke, making people think hard for it to feel serious. I loved it for that because it made me want to think hard.
- Nicole I loved the novel, it had a lot in it that made me laugh, cry and smile with awe. The story told me that no matter what people say, you can set any goals and dreams you wish - even if you're poor!
-Jess .... and all these things bring him down - but... At Wellpinit, where he is beaten up regularly for such random reasons. At Reardan, where he is bullied about his differences. There are still some very special people and many pastimes that help him gain the courage to overcome the pain. In so many different ways.

Like these.... Our opinions.... Can't afford the vet bills and you are forced to lose your precious companion. When your beloved pet, something you couldn't possibly live without gets sick... - hitch a ride
- walk the 22 miles
- stay home No money for petrol... - Nothing special to wear
- Always looks homeless
- No suit to wear but your old man's No money to buy clothes... Grandmother Spirit... Mary Runs Away... Dad... Mum... If she was rich...
she would be a big college teacher. - A really bad lier Never judged people! She loved everyone. Run over by a drunk and forgave him with such kindness. Always lived life to the fullest! Influenced hundreds of people. She had a dream to write romance novels Dreams died...
Ran off...
Married... Tried to live life
and achieve hope. Wrote to Junior regularly about her new life. She died, drunk, when her caravan burned down. Junior's hero!! If he had more money, he would be in a Jazz band, playing the saxophone. Never hits Junior. Has a cold glare. An Alcoholic Runs off when he gets scared! One of the hardest things Junior ever went through... His Sister... His Dad's Best friend... His Grandmother... The Death of... How will he overcome all the devastation? Everyone has the latest technology:
"I'm old school" Something comes up and there's no money? Anytime excuse:
"There's this Indian ceremony at home" No money for lunch:
"I'm not hungry" field trip/school dance:
"I can't make it... yeah, I'm really sick..." A bake sale:
"Looks yummy but Native Americans are allergic to sugar." Junior didn't want to accept the fact she's gone. He felt stunned at first. She burned to death. She was too drunk and never woke up. A friend shot him while they were both drunk. They had a fight over the last drink in a bottle of wine. Junior felt helpless and stupid. Hit by drunk in a car. Thousands said goodbye to her during the funeral. It felt as though laughter and tears were the same thing. Junior was really shocked about the death.
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