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MashWorx Pitch

Highlighting the power of MashWorx

Mark Mugleston

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of MashWorx Pitch

There are
Millions of
Mashups Today’s Web sites are SILOS THAT DON'T KNOW YOU and most end users must visit several sites to complete any given online purpose
Until today, BRIDGING THESE SILOS has been previously too difficult.
What problem is MashWorx solving? I get it!... Q: "I want more. I wonder what else MashWorx can do for me? I love Costco, North Face, BYU, American Idol. Where else does this work?... An Example - Clear Play & Netflix
A broken silo experience
Step 1 - Sarah decides to watch Gladiator. She searches Clear Play for a filter. Step 2 - Sarah searches Netflix for Gladiator. "Yeah! There's a filter for Gladiator."
(5 clicks)

"Netflix has the movie. ClearPlay has the filter. I just wish that it could have gone faster. 9 clicks! 2 browser windows!"
Step 3 - Sarah orders Gladiator from Netflix and goes back to ClearPlay to download the filter Frustration! Why does it always take me 9 clicks. Why can't this be better? MashWorx Solution
Mashup Netflix and ClearPlay Advertising Ads on Google
Competing Sites Have you ever wanted a website to be more responsive to your purposes? Ever wished that it was more relevant to you? Greasemonkey allowed companies to make on-the-fly changes to most web pages. It's like Greasemonkey in the cloud! But this monkey has evolved! Apps are browser, platform and endpoint agnostic
Updates happen automatically in cloud
MashWorx can shut down malicious apps Enter MashWorx... Web sites SILOS are broken down. MashWorx Apps BRIDGE THESE SILOS to create a integrated contextualized end user experience.

MashWorx brings Identity to the web. You get to choose your own web experience.

What is the MashWorx solution? Incredible Idea The "A" Team Mark Mugleston
CEO & CIO Ron E. Porter
COO & President Snow Web Solutions Generated over $100,000 Sales Revenue in First 7 Months
Built 35+ Total Websites
Created 100+ Freelancer Network
Excellent designer (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc) Mormon Entrepreneur 20 Interviews of successful Entrepreneurs - Steve Gibson, Paul Allen, Biggest Loser
10 Volunteer Employees - Designers, Editors, Vidographers
Led Strategic Partnership w/ BYUs Center for Entrepreneurship & Meridian Magazine
10,000 unique visitors by issue 4 Other 5 years of development experience
AJAX, Java, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, PHP
CMS Pro (Joomla, WordPress)
Design Fanatic (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator)
Created Mormon Entrepreneur for
Mentored Experience CSSStyle.com Award Winner! 2+ Years of Entrepreneurial Experience Summary Enthusiastic Leader. Skillful at communicating mission and strategy.
Adept Administrator. Experienced at managing 100+ member teams
Experienced Engineer. Competent web developer
Mountain climber. Climbed Mt. Rainer, the Grand Teton, Mt. Whitney Top of Mt. Rainer w/ Brother Brian CastleWave Started with 5k bootstrap capital
Within first few months, won deals with S&K Menswear, Warner Music Group, Franklin Covey, Shop At Home, and The New York Times
In 6 months, generated over $70,000 in total sales. 82% net profit.
Grew company to 24 employees
In 1 year, grew business to 1.2 million and 65% net
3X multiple sale to Crexendo Feb 15, 2010

SEO Bootstrap Business Ready to bootstrap your dreams?
You've heard stories of overnight business success.
We can't help you with that.
You've probably heard dozens of corny get rich schemes.
We promise that you won't get rich quickly simply by reading our book, engaging us for consulting, or attending a Bootstrap Boot-Camp.
But you will learn how to start and grow a strong, healthy business, without a whole lot of money - faster than you probably anticipated. A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide Summary 10+ years experience as an entrepreneur
25+ years experience in tech
Executive board member of Altiris
Operations, Customer Service, Budgeting, Adminstration
Excellent track record

Q: Alright, your idea rocks,
but who's going to do this? Amazing Team. Choose MashWorx Meet Sarah.
Sarah loves movies. She's an active user of Netflix.
Sarah loves history movies, but most of her favorite history movies are rated "R"
She doesn't care for rated "R" stuff.
She uses ClearPlay to clean up the bad stuff.
Here's Sarah's current web experience... "Yeah! Netflix has Gladiator." (4 more clicks) Tremendous Value Sarah's New Experience Using MashWorx "Amazing! I now see that ClearPlay has a filter right inside Netflix! I can even download it right here. ClearPlay and Netflix rock!" 1. Faster Results
2. Enriched Web Experience
3. Personalized Web Experience Search Augmentation Put your seal of approval on links Business/Productivity
Philanthropy / Social Enterprise
Others we haven't thought of. Other MashUps Wish List Lookup http://bit.ly/2xIgI7 Online Shopping Craig's List *pulls pictures up to item listings Lands' End *exclusive specials on competitors' sites *product compatibility
search augmentation *redirect buyers back to corporate ecommerce site *functionality available but no apps built yet Frenze I climb mountains Incredible Idea. We Interject ClearPlay directly into Netflix We interject ClearPlay directly into Netflix Since 1995, companies have been
trying to discover and tailor your web experience. "64,000 plugin downloads every hour"
Since 2005, over one billion add-ons have been downloaded
...they want to know who you are. Websites are currently being augmented in droves Social Networking Twitter on Facebook.
Videos on Facebook
Promotional items! Fandango
Purchase Engagement "Facebook is about to become more personal"
- PCMagazine Facebook is leading the Identity Wave Resources are becoming Personal Radio Stations
TV Services http://www.snowwebsolutions.com http://www.mormonentrepreneur.net Product Roadmap Competitive Advantage Competitors Customer Acquisition Plan
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