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How did weapon and Tecnology

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TJ Catanese

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of How did weapon and Tecnology

WW2 Project
The answer is simply it made us more powerful and more skilled than the opponent.
How did Weapon and Technology
Advancements Give us the Upper Hand in WWII?`
"The entire technology of radar, which is the ability to use radio waves to detect objects at a distance, was barely invented at the start of the war but became highly developed in just a few years at sites like the “Radiation Laboratory” at MIT. By allowing people to “see” remotely, at very long distances, radar made the idea of “surprise attack” virtually obsolete and vastly enlarged the arena of modern warfare (today’s radars can see potential attackers from thousands of miles away). Radar allowed nations to track incoming air attacks, guided bombers to their targets, and directed anti-aircraft guns toward airplanes flying high above. Researchers not only constructed the radars, but also devised countermeasures: during their bombing raids, Allied bombers dropped thousands of tiny strips of tinfoil, code-named “window” and “chaff” to jam enemy radar"(Mindell). This shows how the advancements in radar and all the other technology have made us what we are today and has shown us how technology was a need in WWII.

Technology Advancements Really was the Ultimate Power in WWII.
"They assume that when a nation's technological capabilities favor offense, the state will be inclined to adopt an offensive military strategy";(Xu Jin). This shows that when we focus are Technological ability on offense or in this case, war. We can really destroy anything in our path with our ability of the weaponry we can make.

Weapons in Start of WWII and in the End.
"During the Second World War, the United States, Britain, Germany and the U.S.S.R. were all engaged in scientific research to develop the atomic bomb. By mid-1945, however, only the United States had succeeded, and it used two atomic weapons on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to bring a rapid and conclusive end to the war with Japan"(Atomic Diplomacy/ US Department of State). The united states invented the Nuclear bomb first,( in the race to invent it) and they were the first to successfully use it and therefore we won the second world war because the invention of the Nuclear bomb.

How the Weapons and the Technology Combined.
By TJ Catanese
New types Weapons and
Technology in WW2.
Radar on boats
Guided Rockets

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This helps me because it shows me how ww2 led up to today's technology.
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This website helps because it shows how Atomic bombs help in the war and help us win.
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This helps me because it shows how the technology of ww2 really helped us win the war
against Japan.
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This helps me because it shows how the invention of the nuclear bomb helped us win over the
Japanese in ww2. This also helps me because it shows how without the advancement in
technology we could have lost the war.
World War 2. (2015, November 8). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from go.groiler.edu website:
This helps me because it explains how world war 2 was a big step in are technology because
without it we weould have never been so advanced with planes and underwater radar and many
other aspects of technology.
ww1 and ww2. (2010, October 11). Retrieved March 6, 2015, from globilization 101 website:
This helps me because it shows me how WW2 helped us see what the future had in store for us
and it helped us very much.
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This helps me because it shows how technology helped us improve our weaponry and bombing
Work cited Bibliography.
Technology in WW2
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My inquiry question fits into the category of Conditions of WWII
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