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Transit of Venus Image Blast

Transit of Venus template with timeline, images, and links; features the 2012 TROVE celebration in Northern Indiana. See www.transitofvenus.org. Images may be used for education and public outreach.

C. Bueter

on 24 March 2012

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Transcript of Transit of Venus Image Blast

1639 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100 1631 1769 1761 1874 1882 2012 2004 2125 2117 (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) 1609 1600 1716 1619 Kepler's Third Law A Cosmic Measuring Stick! The Future of Transits Transit of Venus The telescope
turns everything
upside down. 1609 An elegant spectacle
intrigues the world. "Black Drop"
Effect ? 2012 Be safe.

Enjoy the spectacle. Protect your eyes. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Phone App www.transitofvenus.org 1619 www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org http://www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org http://www.transitofvenus.org/history/1874-1882/189-us-naval-observatory-expeditions www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org www.transitofvenus.org transitofvenus.org Global Expeditions Black Drop Effect Father Hell David Rittenhouse Transit of Venus group in December of 1882 at Jimbour Station, Queensland. University of Queensland, Hume Photograph Collection. Used with permission. short (13s) long (4:01) J.G. Brown N.A.
Harper's Weekly
April 28, 1883
Tim Wetherell
Sousa James Cook USNO Irvin Stanley Spacecraft Venus “Venus Transit”
#1 Most Popular Event
June 2004
Source: http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist/zeitgeist-jun04.html
Safety Project CLEA
TROVE http://www.transitofvenus.nl http://sunearthday.nasa.gov www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622 Illusion All Aboard theTransit of Venus

Cleveland Astronomical Society
March 1, 2012
"The fateful moment was now approaching. Enthusiasm, in some cases rising to frenzy, was manifested by the crowd surrounding the telescope...[Venus] never once seemed to lose her self-possession, in spite of the numberless telescopes levelled at her. " -1882
“If Venus only comes to time,
(And prophets say she must and shall,)
To-day will hear the tinkling chime
Of many a ringing silver dime,
For him whose optic glass supplies
The crowd with astronomic eyes,—
The Galileo of the Mall.”
The Flâneur
Boston Common, December 6, 1882, During the Transit of Venus
By Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
J.G. Brown N.A.
Harper's Weekly
April 28, 1883
Transits of Venus:
A Celestial Rarity
for Astronomers
and the Public
Chuck Bueter
Calumet Astronomical Society
Feb 13, 2012
“Photoheliograph” from Shadows of the Sun
by Harry Crosby (1927)
Arts Stereo Views Stamps Pattern Distance to Sun Where To Be Outreach &
Activities Links Build a Sun Funnel 2004 Video Intro http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/transitofvenus.cfm Available for free download in high-resolution
for planetariums and digital theaters: Free Phone App http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/getting-involved/phone-app/ http://www.transitofvenus.org http://www.transitofvenus.org/education/teacher-resources http://www.transitofvenus.org/trove http://cdn.transitofvenus.org/docs/Planetarian-March2012.pdf http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/2011/10/22/hopes-and-plans-on-the-rise/ http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/2011/11/09/the-2004-coverage-in-st/ Is there an equivalent to the "moon Illusion"
during a transit of Venus? Warning: Do not look at the sun without proper eye protection. Eye injury or blindness may result. Before June 5 May 20 solar eclipse http://www.transitofvenus.org/education/80-trove/329-2012eclipse Project CLEA Stained Glass Windows 2125 St. Michael's Church
Hoole, England Party! http://www.transitofvenus.org/trove What if it's cloudy? View It Safely USNO Asst. Photographer to Kerguelen Island and Patagonia; resident of Indiana Telescopes set up for safe public observing throughout the region on June 5
Transit of Venus in Pastel at Harris Branch Library, Granger, IN, May 1-June 9
TROVE Art Exhibit at the Livery in Benton Harbor, MI, May 6-June 30
PHM Transit of Venus Art Contest at Penn High School, Mishawaka, IN, May 3-June 30
3D art to be exhibited at select branches of Mutual Bank
ToV beer poster contest at The Livery microbrewery
Historical artifacts on display at Harris Branch Library, from the US Naval Observatory and private collections
Performance of John Philip Sousa's Transit of Venus March on March 8 by Penn Symphonic Winds
Digital theater programs
Transit of Venus full-dome video
Thursday lecture series at PHM Digital Video Theater, Mishawaka, IN
You Can Learn a Lot From a Dot by Steven Williams of NASA, May 17
Experience the Transit of Venus by Chuck Bueter of Transitofvenus.org, May 24
Life in the Universe: From Viking to Kepler by Phil Sakimoto of Notre Dame, May 31
Telescope workshops to build safe solar viewing devices and to prepare telescopes with solar filters
Exclusive Transit of Venus Bus Tour
Hand-crafted Venusian beer from the Livery microbrewery
Black Drop Effect Coffee from Victorian Pantry
Big Day Bus Tour! Tour all the regional highlights on a bus tour with expert commentary on June 5. (Space limited.)
Lesson plans and classroom activities for all ages
Participation in re-creation of international science experiment through Transit of Venus Phone App
Commemoration of local observations of the 1882 transit of Venus
Live broadcasts of transit of Venus from across the globe with others immersed in the transit of Venus, including
Local liaison Chuck Rupley from Hawaii
NASA's Sun-Earth Day webcast from Hawaii on June 5
Telescope observing of the partial solar eclipse at sunset over Lake Michigan on May 20
Treasure TROVE Hunt for families, April 28
http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2012/about/event_locations.php Map courtesy of Steven van Roode Events
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