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The Grim Grotto book report

No description

Morgan Eatman

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Grim Grotto book report

The Grim Grotto by:Lemony Snicket My book is about three kids named Violet Kalus and Sunny this book is a series called a series of unfortunate events By: Lemony Snicket. The protagonist of my book is Klaus Baudelaire he is smart,friendly, and very serious he strugles with making friends but he loves to read and write. The antagonists of my book are Violet Baudelaire she is the sister of Klaus she special skills of inventing things another antagonist is Sunny Baudelaire the youngest Baudelaire Sunny is young, has problems with speech because she is young she has really strong teeth and great cooking skills. Another angtagonist is Count Olaf he is the villan of this series he is a very evil man he killed lots of people by starting fires and murdering a man named Jacus Snicket he is evil,very smart,and he is good at thinking of evil plans. The main idea of the first chapter is Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are on a raft in the middle of a stream because the Morntmain MT water fall melted causing the stream the flood in the middle they say a periscope from under the water and they have to give the password "the world is quiet here" to grt in they found out the password from the code from FVD. This book is over all about Violet, Klaus,and Sunny they went in to the submarine called Queenque in search of the sugar bowl witch tells where the last safe place is of VFD and Count Olaf is following thrm in his strange submarine mean while, they come to beach grotto where they see the letters FVD faded on the beach Sunny was almost killed because she was in a helement and the crew almost threw it out but before that happenes she says one word 'stop' that saved Sunny's life the book ends by they see Mr. Poe then they all drive off in a taxi thats how the book ends. This book takes place in a cold stream,in the bottom of the ocean in a submarine it also takes place on Grotto beach. a book report by: Morgan
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