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the role of the meiji restoration

History webquest

Nikhil Patel

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of the role of the meiji restoration

Meiji Restoration Throughout the Tokugawa period, the emperor know as the shotgun and supreme military ruler was the main power in Tokugawa, Japan. Many people didn't like the way the emperor had agreed to western demand so he ended up being forced to step down This ended the military control of Japan. The young Emperor Mutsuhito took back the power of the government in 1868 and took the name Emperor Meiji The emperor's return to power is called the Meiji Restoration. The period of his reign was called the the Meiji Period. The emperor learned from china about what happens if you resisted Western Demands From China's example the emperor learned the effects of resisting western demand.

China had kept to its traditional ways and had lost its independent control on its government.

The emperor believed that the best way to build Japan's strength was to modernize it. The emperor's idea to modernize Japan helped make Japan stronger and it helped them become the country they are today.
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