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Prezi for Windows / Mac

The official Prezi guide

Judit Klein

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Prezi for Windows / Mac

Click on your platform for information on how to install, or click to proceed.
It doesn't matter if you're a
or a
Prezi for Windows and Mac
Click to go full screen
Click to advance to the next step in this tutorial
Click here to turn off the sound
Click here to autoplay the whole tutorial
This tutorial will take you through the core features of this Prezi application.
For more information on how to use Prezi, see our other tutorials:

With the Prezi application on your computer you can create and present prezis anywhere, anytime.
You have several options for importing and exporting your files.
Work offline
Create and edit without an Internet connection, no matter where you are.
And as John is a pro user, he also edits his prezis without the need for an Internet connection.
This is John.
John uses Prezi for Windows / Mac
John loves having Prezi on his computer, so he can present offline but still keep his prezis in sync with his online account.
Keeping your prezis in sync is easy.
Start by logging in with your usual prezi account.
As soon as you log in, you will see your prezis.
If the card is gray, it's not yet downloaded to your computer.
Click here to find all the prezis you created on Prezi.com
This is your library of all your prezis that are synced with your online account.
Hover over the prezi and click '
Once it's downloaded, hover again to bring up extra options.
Once you've downloaded a prezi, it will automatically sync every time you open Prezi for Windows/Mac. You can also click on the '
' button to make sure you're working with the newest version.
All your prezis are accessible and up-to-date in one place.
No matter where you created them.
Even if you've left your prezi to the last minute!
Just remember to sync your changes to the cloud if you want to see them on Prezi.com.
Prezis created using Prezi for Windows/Mac will initially be stored only on your computer.
From here, you can select what to sync.
Hover the mouse over the thumbnail.
Select '
Sync with Prezi.com
' from the drop down menu.
The prezi will sync with the cloud...
...and will be available on all your devices as well as online at Prezi.com
If you have any PEZ files stored on your computer, you can import these too!
These prezis will be be stored in your ‘
Only on Computer
’ section. This means they are not synced with your online account.
Simply select 'Import prezi'
Present offline
No matter where you are!
Syncing with Prezi.com is handled for you but you have other options.
A PEZ file is editable in Prezi for Win/Mac.
You can export a Portable Prezi from both Prezi.com and Prezi for Win/Mac.
A Portable Prezi is NOT editable, use one for presenting or send it to someone who doesn't have Prezi.
You can export PEZ files from Prezi.com and Prezi for Win/Mac, but you can only import them with Prezi for Win/Mac.
Go to http://prezi.com/mac/
Click on the
Once downloaded, open the .dmg file.
Go to http://prezi.com/windows/
Click on the
Once downloaded, open the .exe file.
The installer will launch and take you through the installation steps.
Once launched, you will be prompted to drag the Prezi icon into the Applications folder.
This feature is available for all license holders.
What about this prezi?
Because you can choose what to sync, this prezi will remain private, saved locally 'Only on computer'.
Create and edit prezis offline
Select what to sync
Keep all your prezis in sync
Present offline
So - what can you do with Prezi on your computer?
Happy Zooming!
If the imported prezi is not on Prezi.com, it will be saved only on your computer
Any prezis created on earlier versions of Prezi Desktop will be imported here as well.
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