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No description

celina G

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Poems

Shades of Fall
falling autumn leaves
Changing colors every day
flying like free birds
Things That Make Me Ache
harsh words,
cuts on wrists,
broken hearts,
fake friends,
justin bieber,
suicidal teens,
forgotten memories,
cold hearts,
emotionless faces,
homeless puppies,
broken headphones,
torn apart souls,
cracked screens,
ripped apart families,
but most of all it's you...

To Afraid
food is everything
it is the only thing
i must be brave
and handle the crave
my stomach roars
demanding for more
it makes me want to cry
so i get it some fries
my stomach sinks
so i get soft drinks
the food speaks to me
all i want is to be free.

At 14...
at 14 i'm locked at school
forced to do stupid assignments,
having to accept there's no way out.
forced to watch him love her
while i'm in a chamber of broken dreams.
not wanting to do torturous homework.
keeping myself off my phone,
but i can't stand the urge.
the internet pulls me into a differenet world.
escaping reality with music and words.
sleep becomes my bestfriend
as school becomes my enemy.
while i ignore the words of some.
my heart becomes so confused,
he flirts withme but loves her.
the school day drags along,
not wanting to go class.
filled with worry, wanting to passmy classes.
my daily life is like this
yet there's not much i want to change.
tick tock
everyday she stared at the clock
she tried to
silence out the whispers
she wanted to go
her mind and
soul ached
all the
harsh words broke her down

no one understood what was going on inside
they all thought she was strong
but she isn't when shes alone
the only thing she wanted was
a way out
she wanted was to be perfect
alone at night she
pierces her skin with blades
to let her
soul escape
until she realized
no one is perfect
and she
put down the blade
By: Celina Garcia

Sparking Snow
Everything Becomes Dark
Until It's Kissed By The Sun
Land Filled With Brightness
Covered In Sparkling Snow
Filled With Cold Winter Air
Seasonal Tears
as seasons change,
so do people,
as the leaves fall and crumble,
teens are crumbling away,
falling off their feet,
trying to find their way back up,
but all the wind does is carry them away,
while others start to bloom,
some are left struggling,
and brushed away to the side,
as rain starts to fall,
so do people's hearts,
as the cold season gives up,
the broken teens do too,
many things begin to bloom,
hiding what need to be forgotten,
as it warms people's hearts,
as the sun shines down,
to brighten people's eyes.
as he smiles at me my cheeks turn
he makes my heart and mind go in a whirl
luckily we are not the same height
he texts me, i
, and do a swirl

he makes my stupid worries go away
i wish
his eyes
could see that we could be
when he
me it sends me far away
sometimes when i see him i want to flee

his eyes have a special
i'm to afraid to let my feelings show
i wish this great special guy could be
my hope's high even if it can't be so

sometimes i can't help but look up and stare,
because without him
my heart
would be bare.

Free Verse
orrifying work
n going torture
essing up my schedule
ven on the weekends
orried all the time
ver thinking everyday
unning over my free time
eeping me away from friends
Ode to My Friends
Music to My Ears
Troubled Teens
Potato Tomato
there once was a little potato
he lived with cherry red tomatoes
but one awful day
he had to give pay
so potato killed the tomatoes.
everyday i walk through the halls
when they walk by they never fail to make me smile
none of them are perfect
they all tick in different special way
not a single is the same
we all have somethings in common
every single one adds brightness to my day
they're all so kind and sweet
yet we all like to give a little tease
never ending inside jokes
most of them are ticklish while others are not
only a few can manage to tickle me
they're all so great to me
no matter what they'll stick with me
they add a little spark to life
all of us together is filled with laughter
they're so trustworthy and honest
they add laughs and joy to everyday life
nothing would be the same without them
but most of all life would be so boring without them.
Troubles getting homework done
Troubles fitting in
Troubles with finding "the one"
Troubles with keeping their room clean
Troubles finding good clothes
Troubles with friends
Troubles doing work
Troubles with classes
Troubles at home
Troubles meeting new people
Troubles with getting money
Troubles with internet connections
Troubles waking up on time
Troubles with getting off the internet
Troubles sleeping at night
Troubles not to sleep in school
Troublesfinding their way around
Troubles with bullies
Troubles with the image of "perfect" caused by society.

day by day my mind aches
my mind goes in a whirl
i don't know where to go
everything starts to blur
i try to find and escape
but nothing comes to my mind
i press play to escape
the music takes it all away
the music calms me down
my music is my escape
as she twirls around
she's like a feather on her feet
she tries not to hit the ground
with her grace she hasn't been beat

she dances with grace
she spins to the right
her dance is embraced
and she dances with a fight
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