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Eli Rat

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Halo

Halo The Video Game
Halo is one of the most played game since its release on November 15, 2001. The game is about a war between 25th century humanity and an alliance of aliens know as the Covenant.
Master Chief
The Master Chief is the main character that you play as in most of the Halo games. Halo Reach, Halo Wars, and Halo 3 ODST are the only exceptions. His full name is Master Chief Petty Officer John- 117. He is a Spartan that serves in the UNSC army.
The Covenant
Over The Ages
The Covenant
Covenant Vehicles
The Covenant use a variety of ships to attack the UNSC.
The main ships that they use are
, two troop drop ships called a
and a
and they use a
Wraith Tank

The UNSC is short for the United Nations Space Command. Their army is the only army that humanity has. They work hard trying to stop the Covenant from destroying humanity.
Reckless Driver!!!
The UNSC use all of these different vehicles in battle.
There are many weapons to chose from to use in battle. You can use weapons from both armies when playing Halo. The best weapons are the weapons that best suit your fighting style.
Halo Ratings
The Halo games are rated M. They are rated M because of the language that is in it. You should check with your parents before buying Halo.
Thanks For Watching
By: Me
Turret Man!!
The Covenant are an alliance of aliens, and are the main enemies in Halo.
These plasmas are sticky!
Quiz Time
1. Which Halo games is the Master Chief NOT in?
2. Name one vehicle that is used by the UNSC.
3.What year did Halo come out?

4. Name one version of multiplayer battles in Halo.
5. What is the Master Chief's full name?
6. Name one Covenant troop.
All the Halos have a multiplayer mode in them. In multiplayer you can battle against your friends or cooperatively complete a mission. There are many different maps and ways to battle in multiplayer. The options for multiplayer battles are, capture the flag, slayer, oddball, king of the hill, infection, and juggernaut.
Reckless driving!!!
The Flood are a second enemy faction in Halo. They are parasitic zombies that take over both the living and the dead's brain. The best way to kill them is with a shotgun.
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