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 Britain Leads the

No description

Tasia Cox

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of  Britain Leads the

Thank you!
Why Great Britain?
1. Natural Resources.
a. Britain had many natural ports and navigable rivers. This increased the accessibility for trade and the movement of goods.

 4 Reasons Britain Leads the
Industrial Revolution

b. They also had an abundance of coal.
This allowed for fuel-burning energy.

c. The abundance of iron made it easier to build machinery.

2. Rise of the business class.
The business class was able to accumulate wealth in the 1700s, and as a result, many were willing to risk new capital into new inventions and products.

– money used to invest in enterprises.

These investors in the business class were known as
– those who managed and
assumed the financial risks of starting a
new business.

3. government stability. The government
remained stable in Britain in the 1700s
and supported economic growth.

4. The British Navy.
Most importantly, the British crown
supported the build-up of its navy.

– a business organization in an area such as shipbuilding, mining, railroads, and factories.
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