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Haleigh Riggle Portfolio 2011

Textiles, Clothing, and Design: Merchandising Option

Haleigh Riggle

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Haleigh Riggle Portfolio 2011

Textiles, Clothing, and Design: Merchandising Option Portfolio 2011 Portfolio 2011 Trend Boards Photo Styling Fabric Projects Resume Haleigh Riggle Trend analysis for Spring 2011.
Analysis of colors, patterns, silhouettes, techniques, and fabrics. The trend is titled 'ROOTS' for its natural and nostalgic feel. The fabrics, photos, and findings were sourced; the flats were hand-drawn. Trend analysis of designer Balmain. The analysis included utilizing Balmain's pre-existing style to determine future apparel. Worked in a group to analyze and forecast colors, silhouettes, patterns, fabrics, and techniques for the 2011 Balmain house. Product Styling Yves Saint Laurent Color Photo shoot to show product styling skill. Heels were stylized with accessories and other sourced items, the photo was also enhanced using photoshop. The intent of the styling was to portray a classic vintage look. Photoshoot to exemplify Yves Saint Laurent's iconic style. Because he gave the trench coat the glory it today holds, I chose that as my base item. The scarf, glasses, and cigarette portray some of the essentials of YSL's style. The model was photographed behind a grey gauze with the YSL logo projected over the fabric. Photoshop was used to add the 'Yves Saint Laurent' and 'rive gauche.' The 'rive gauche' line is a personal favorite because it pushes the strong and independent woman to the fashion forefront. Photo shoot to show a unique use of color. I utilized colored paints to outline contours of the athlete's body and capitalize on the model's features. The photo was placed onto a fictional cover of 'Runner's World' magazine as part of a class project. 2 yard x 2 yard screen print on cotton. Hand-drawn poppies used for a hand-cut silk screen stencil. Printed in repeat using Versatex fabric pigments. 3 yard 2-color screen print on cotton. Screen created with photo-emulsion and hand-drawn motifs. Intent was to utilize figure-ground ambiguity in a repeat design. Golden Poppies John's Hands Trail of Thought 3 yard screen print and color discharge on cotton gauze. Screen was created with photo-emulsion process and hand-written quotes, line color discharge was done with a bleach pen. The design is meant to portray the workings of a runner's mind. Fabric Portfolio 50+ samples of Shibori dyeing, color resists and discharges, paints, foils, and screen prints. Shibori running stitch on red silk, immersed in discharge bath, undone, and rinsed. Monoprint of poppy cut-outs with Versatex paints on polyester screen. Bleach pen on cotton outlined by hand in pigment. Gold foil circles adhered with heat and glue to cotton in a grid design. Screen print of a photo-emulsion of a woven fabric. Multiple dyes were used on white cotton. Discharge of black cotton created by bleach sprayed over a lace doily.
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