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The Outsiders: All about gangs

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on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders: All about gangs

The Outsiders: All about gangs
Life of a Gang member:
Gangs are usually prone to violence. They usually have rivals, like the Socs and the Greasers. Weapons are the usual choice of property. Switchblades, guns, and small knives are the most common weapons throughout gangs in the 1960s.
Generally, gang members need to prove themselves before officially becoming a member of the gang. These may include the searching of personal records, theft, and getting tattoos that show that they are part of a gang.
Introduction to gangs:

Throughout history, gangs of different types have been notorious for attacks, drug dealing, cruelty, and overall lawlesseness. Two of the most major types of gangs are Street gangs and Juvenile gangs. The former engage in reckless behavior, and the latter are mainly juvenile delinquents who sometimes do lawless activities like vandalism and burglary. Gangs are a major problem, and this presentation is here to help you understand these criminal groups.
By Joey, Jeremy, Emily, and Remi

There are many things that make up a gang.
First, they have to be an organized group of criminals. For example, they would good at theft. Next, members usually tend to be young adults (you have read this in The Outsiders) that are involved in crime. They come to be involved in crime because of their education, their life, or how peers have teated them. Finally, the last thing that makes up a gang is the way they dress. Gang members would get tattoos that represent their gang. Also, their clothing would be old baggy jeans, cheap shoes like Vans, and a t-shirt. Other articles of clothing commonly worn by gang members are tank tops and leather jackets.
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