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Media Ideology

No description

mathew hutton

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Media Ideology

Media Ideology So...
What is Ideology? An ideology is a system of values, attitudes and beliefs which an individual, group or society holds to be true or important BBC news broadcasts show footage of bomb attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, and broadcasting information such as British soldiers being killed, this represents an ideology that people from the Middle East are cruel and evil Examples: Reading a fashion magazine and copying a models' diet to be a size zero like that model, this ideology is correctly messaged but is harmful to that individuals health Dominant ideologies What is a Dominant ideology? Dominant ideologies are ideologies that are told to us repeatedly by important social institutions such as the law, education, the government and the media. These are what we live by in our day-to-day lives and often do not question People are often dissuaded from rebelling against these beliefs, and keeps a sense of stability in society, this is because commonly there are consequences should the laws be broken Students achieving bad attendance has a consequence granting the parents to become prosecuted Examples: Breaking the law will result in becoming arrested and potentially receiving a prison sentence Working for a media publishing agency and publishing private information or photos will result in receiving a prosecution should the published victim choose to press charges How ideology relates to Media? Media texts always reflect certain values or ideologies though sometimes we may not be aware of this as we see it as acceptable. Action films like the Die Hard or Lethal Weapon, solving problems with extreme amounts of force is seen as an acceptable value and reflects a certain ideology Examples: E-media displays ideology as well, the concept of violence is displayed through video games such as; Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The Warriors, MMA games etc Media is a successful carrier of ideology because it reaches out to such a huge audience, studying media allows us to consider and question these ideologies and look for the implications of different ideology and value systems Ideology interpreted wrong An example of ideology being misinterpreted is the incident at the new batman movie release; ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Due to the previous film ‘The Dark Knight’ featuring the character ‘the joker’, this is believed to of sent out an ideology message that was interpreted wrong by a certain individual He allegedly taken on the persona of the joker and decided to massacre Batman movie fans that were viewing the movie in the cinema screening killing 14 people and seriously injuring a further 58 others Media has to be incredibly careful when revealing an ideology, especially action movie releases, as it can be terribly misinterpreted as demonstrated by the Batman movie massacre example
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