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Something fancy for a snowy Monday in March.

The weather's kind of disappointing, at least it is here in Boston. So I thought I'd have some fun with today's blog.

Rebecca Isenhart

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Something fancy for a snowy Monday in March.

So, it's Monday.... That presentation you put off over the weekend needs to get done like... an hour ago.
...Right? But you're not doing your presentation. You're reading my blog. Procrastinator, meet Prezi. Prezi is a great way to get your point across. People don't really think in a straight line. So... Prezi is all about visually organizing your ideas. Main points are the biggest. Common themes cluster around each other. When you zoom out, you have a map of your thought process. Forget about linear PowerPoint slides. Prezi helps students stand out. Prezi gives a creative advantage to young professionals and students. Because let's face it, if you remember the 80's, you can't figure out how to use the controls. A professional-quality version is even available to anyone with access to a .edu email address. Plus, it's got that "ooh, aah" factor. I just did a cost-benefit presentation using Prezi, and believe me, it makes boring stuff look fun. Here's the
fun part... Without being that person who makes every PowerPoint slide a different color. You can make it pretty... Seriously. Stop with the rainbow PowerPoints. They give me migraines. Add pics... OMG Make your words do GYMNASTICS! Connect Stuff With Arrows What do you think? If you like Prezi, watch some tutorials and get familiar with the tools! I have to admit, it was confusing for me at first, but it only took me one presentation to get the hang of it. If not, get back to your rainbow PowerPoints. Quick suggestion, though... hand out sunglasses before you blind your audience with those neon slides, OK?
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