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Frito Lay Lemonade

No description

Raelynn Mills

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Frito Lay Lemonade

Frito Lay Lemonade Frito Lay made this product so their customers
would have a refreshing drink after eating some
of there salty snacks. Although this seemed like a great plan
for Frito Lay, the lemonade has become
just another of the world's failed products. One reason why this product
failed is because no one
associated Frito Lay, a chip and snack producer, with their Frito Lay Lemonade, which is a drink. Another reason it failed is the lack of sales it received. Since no one thought about Frito Lay owning a drink product it wasn't heavily purchased. When someone thinks of Frito Lay the first thing
that comes to mind isn't a drink. For this reason
Frito Lay wasn't getting the recognition they needed
for their new product. Another problem that occurred was
the placement of the lemonade.
The lemonade would have been placed with other drinks, not with the chips that are the main Frito Lay products. This was just another reason why Frito Lay Lemonade failed. Due to the severe differences between
the Frito Lay chips and Lemonade,
it caused a lack of recognition of the
lemonade with the Frito Lay brand.
This made the product become ignored
by the normal Frito Lay customers.
In the end, all of these reasons caused the Frito Lay
Lemonade to become just another failed product.
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