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Year 7 & 8Study Skills Overview

No description

Simon Doyle

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Year 7 & 8Study Skills Overview

Year 7 & 8 Study Skills Overview
Name your subjects
Time Table?
What do I do?

Year 7 & 8
Time to Summarise
p9 of the booklet, please summarise this passage
How did you go?
Plagiarism and Malpractice
Login to Student Portal
Login to the Extranet
Then Student, then Curriculum
Download the Study Skills Booklet

-import into Notability
-type in your name, answers
If absent -bring a note, or email the next day eg in College Diary
If known organise at least two days before you go.
An E grade or 0 will be the result.
Parent Contact will be made & you still complete the task.
Talk with your Teacher or Leader of Learning early if needed.
Assessment Block -report to Curriculum Office on day of return.
Assessment -Handin or due?
It will be on your Task Notification (at least 2 weeks) before due date eg by 9am or in class.
Plan ahead give yourself time.
Too late to ask for help day before
+Is anything you do to give yourself an advantage or disadvantage someone else that is not allowed.

+Disrupt a task, bring a device in eg phone, iPAD, cheat.

+Plagiarism -when you submit someone elses work as your own.
4. Make a difference
Little improvements make a difference
Mrs Doyle, Mr Haworth, Mr Abbotts
Ms Moran Student Services
Teachers, Homeroom Teachers
Mrs Brennan Librarian
Miss Sketcher, Student Counsellor
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