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Persuasive Speech

No description

Anneliese Meek

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Anneliese Meek Space Exploration Main Points Advantages How do people feel about it? In Addition... Top 4 Reasons we feel the need to explore... Why we need to continue What is Space exploration? Space Exploration is the attempted search and discovery of outer space by means of space technology. Physical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights and by robotic spacecraft, and has benefited humanity immensely. Medical Advances 83% Approve and Continue -Invaluable, life saving technology What is Space Exploration -The artificial heart resulted from experiments on the space shuttle with renowned heart surgeon Dr. Michael Debakey Daily Products -Magnetic resonance imaging -Hand Held Jaws of Life -CAT Scan -Air Purification -Water Purification -Baby food -Golf Balls How do people Feel about it? Things we would not have without space technology Why we need to continue exploring Space exploration helps us think and plan for future generations... As our population grows, so does our need for housing, many of the materials used to better build and insulate our homes wouldn't be around without space technology 12% Waste of time and government spending 5% Don't give a crap either way One... It is our nature both as individuals and a society to feel the need to outperform or be the best at some activity. Two... Curiosity, its in our nature to wonder whats beyond that hill or what we are yet to see. Three... We want to leave something behind to show the next generation, or the generations after that, what we did with our time here. - Our inherent urge to explore and answer unknowns -Plain old curiosity You have to accept the challenge of the unknown knowing that you might fail, and to do so not without fear but with mastery of fear and determination to go anyway. You have to defer gratification because we work on things that not all of us will live to see – and we know it.-Former Administrator of NASA Michael Griffin Four... Space is huge, and constantly accelerating as it expands. We are one planet in one solar system in one galaxy of millions and millions of galaxies. The possibility of life on other planets is likely! -Possibility of discovering life.
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