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No description

Jolene Noronha

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Egypt

Egypt Lara Oliveros, Omar
Balbaa, Aisha Sethi,
& Jolene Noronha History History Arab 101 Egypt and Canada Location: North East Africa bordering Palestine (Gaza Strip) 11 km, Israel 266 km, Libya 1,115 km, Sudan 1,273 km Religion:
Muslim (mostly Sunni)
Coptic Christian
Other 6% Business Etiquette Hi/bye- asalamouallykum Capital City: Cairo Climate: desert
dry summers
moderate winters Population: 82,536,770 (2011) Government: Republic Currency: Egyptian pound(ginnay)
1 Egyptian pound=0.15 Canadian Dollar Ethnic Makeup:
Egyptians, Bedouins, and Berbers 99%
Greek, Nubian, Armenian, other European (primarily Italian and French) 1% Meeting Etiquette Based on class and religion Follow the lead of the person you are meeting
Handshakes - same sex smile and eye contact
Once relationship has developed, a kiss on the cheek while shaking hands among the same sex Between the opposite sex, the woman extends her hand first. If not, the man bows his head Gift Giving Etiquette Cultural Etiquette Bring good quality sweets Only bring flowers for weddings or the ill
Children gifts shows affection
Give gifts with right or both hands Cake could be brought for birthdays Gifts are not opened when recieved Most Egyptians are Muslim, therefore don't drink alcohol
Offers coffee or tea Dining Etiquette Remove shoes before entering Dress well and conservatively
Compliment host on their home
Wait for host to tell you were to sit
Eat with the right hand only
Second helpings are a compliment Show appreciation for meal Salting food is "unecessary" Business Appointment Are necessary
Confirm meeting one week/ a day or two in advance
Meetings are not private
Through recommendations Dress Code Formal and conservative
Men - dark coloured clothing, no jewelry
Woman - covered up (knees and arms should be covered) Addressing Egyptians Topics of Conversation Starts with the recommender
Weather, politics, business stories (how they started up, obstacles and success)
Do not talk of personal issues
Get into the topic of business By first name
If last name is popular, they say ostaz (last name) Ostaz Business Gifts First visit: nothing expected
When business starts between two ends: something expensive, related to value of business Things to know beforehand About the company, product, how popular, competitors
Business - profit, costs, etc.
Western-like style
Prefer to do business with those they know Entertainment Something expensive is expected (dinner)
Vacation package how are you- akhbarak eh? can I use the washroom-momken el hamam what's your name?-ismak eh? my name is..-ismy... thank you- shokran you're welcome- afwaan Imports Exports Sources Executive Planet:



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