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keaton speicher

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Bio-terrorism


Harry Truman is in big
trouble with WWII so
he goes to a last plan

Lets go back in time to WWI.
The germans used grenades filled with gas and disease when they had no ammo
Lets go even further back in time to the french and indian war.Euorope gave the indians blankets covered with the disease smallpox.

The most
A lot of the attacks in the more recent times have been used with anthrax.
Lets tell the audience how this will work, we have built a time machine and we will go from the 70's all the way to the present with attempts of terrorism.then we will tell you what it is confusing i know but thts how i put it.
1972 two college students infected chicagos water with typhoid
a japanese man released anthrax into his community
but know one got injured 1993
1994 some peeps tried to control a local
election by putting salmonella into eleven
salad bars.
letters laced with anthrax was sent to a lot of people 2001
There are 4 chemical agents.
blood agents :in the cyanide family usually inhaled.interferes with blood flow
blood agents
blistering agents like mustard gas and lewistite attack the skin and eyes and upper repiratory track often causing burns and blisters
choking agents attacks the respiratory system, chlorine is a basic chemical.
nerve agents
sarin, tabun, and vx are all super deadly nerve agents and spread through skin contact. KILLS>SLOWLY>
Ive been telling you useless stuff.Now ill put it together and it will make more sense to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Bio terrorism is only when someone throws a infectious disease to cause TERROR in a place.
Bio-WARFARE is when you use any toxin or disease to kill in a war scenario.
terrorists use this because it is almost impossible to detect and to stop it.
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