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on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Biotechnology

Tip of the Biotechnology
What is biotechnology? How do we use it today? How does it affect us?
You can find all the answers to these questions by looking at this amazing slide show that we made! Let's go!!!!

How do we use it in our lives today?
"Fermentation using microorganisms in brewing, baking, and cheese production are forms of biotechnology..."(pg. 1)
Tomatoes have now been injected with a gene from the Arctic Flounder fish so that they can grow in sub-zero temperatures.
Fish have been genetically modified to grow larger, faster
Corn has been modified to fend of diseases and insects
Fruits and vegetables are bigger
Scientists can compare the DNA of two individuals

What is Biotechnology?
Advantages and Disadvantages
The definition of Biotechnology from the science text book:
The use or application of living things and biological processes.

From our article:
Biotechnology is the use of organisms or their parts or products to provide a valuable substance or process

Types of Biotechnology:
Cloning, Artificial Selection, and Genetic Mutation
Biotechnology is everywhere in our lives! We can see many examples at a local supermarket.
Tomatoes are not fish
- More food supply for the growing population
- May cause disease or bacteria
- May not last long or may have side affects
- A greater variety of products
- Easier for farmers
Article Time!
This awesome slide show was made by:
Alaynah Luttrull
Caitlin Mastroianni
Sneha Ramshanker
Yoona Rho

"Biotechnology: Ethical Issues".

Creating human insulin without allergic reactions
Access to new medical treatments
Ethical issues have come up a lot when speaking of GM foods
The unintended spread of trans-genes to organisms'.
Biotechnology can be a dangerous weapon

ㅒㅑㄱ ㄷㄴ묘 ㅑㄴ ㅊ미ㅣㄷㅇ
- DNA and retina identification can help police and detectives
identify people and increase safety
- Create more effective medicines
Usually it is quite expensive (especially regarding medicine)
- Many ethical issues have been raised
- Development of genetically modified crops or
domestic livestock could reduce genetic variety
amongst species
"Biotechnology: Ethical Issues." Genetics. Ed. Richard Robinson. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. Science In Context. Web. 30 Sept. 2013.

The Science Textbook

YouTube (wouldn't cite)
How do we use it in our lives today?
Biotechnology is used in many ways around us.

• We use biotechnology in the food we eat, with every animal we breed and every crop we grow.
• Most foods that we eat has been altered in some way, made bigger or sweeter or softer etc.
• Now with our advanced technology and our smart tools we can enter certain genes into other organism's DNA.
• It has many medical uses, including making insulin for those with diabetes.
• Biotechnology can also help with security. There are ways to compare DNA from crime scenes to the DNA of suspects.

Important Fact:
GM- Genetically Modified
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