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Blackboard lessons - Avalia

No description

Avalia Education

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Blackboard lessons - Avalia

Constant Product Rule

We deal with these problems often
CPR Table
Lets look at the rule !
If there are 2 variables and their product is constant, then -

a (1/x ) increase in one variable will lead to (1/x+1) decrease in the other.
Look at the table again -
Help these 5 People !
Price of coffee is increased by 25% but the Sweetie family wants to keep the expenditure same, by what % should we decrease our consumption?
You love helping?
U want to help more? Here you go
Superb job so far!
Move on....
My income is 37.5% less than my friend Tom's. Then Tom’s income is how much % more than mine?
A quick glance back
War has doubled petrol prices, we don't want to increase our spending anybit, we have to cut our consumption by?
Air-tel has increased call rates by a whopping 50% and I don't have any budget, I have to reduce my talk-time by what %?

Gee, boss has cut my salary 10%, by what % should I increase by savings to keep the amount same?
I've reduced my aircraft's speed by 1/4th , now my journey time will increase by what % ?
Hi, its the Sweeties here, we are spending 600 on coffee every month. Now, that the price has gone down by 20% and we are able to buy 5 kg more. Can you remind us the original price of coffee (in kg)?

I spends rs.54 on eggs every month. Price of eggs decreased by 20% and I can buy 10 eggs more now. What do you think is the reduced price per dozen?
Writing at 3/4th of my usual speed, I finished the above question paper 20 minutes late. Had I written the answers at my regular speed, I could have finished the whole paper in how many hours?
Earlier we used to ask 560 questions for 2900 marks. Now we want to decrease number of questions by 20% but want to keep total marks same as before. How many marks each will the new questions carry?
Walking at 6/7th of my usual speed, I am 25 minutes late for office, what is my usual time to cover this distance to office? (In hours)
You are the product manager of SONY Bravia Televisons.The surface area of your TV is A. Now that you have to come up with the flatter version of it, the breadth of the TV is increased by 40%. By how much should the length be reduced such that the surface area remains A?
1/x 1/(x+1)

1/x 1/(x-1)

n/x n/(n+x)
Password: black123
Rs. 30/kg
6.47 Marks
1 hour

Video Explanations
Areas of CPR application:
Speed and Distance
Pipes and Cisterns
Work and Time
Area and others

2 hours and 30 min
Price of coffee has increased by 25%,
Expenditure has to be the same.
With the rule Increase in 25% -> 1/4 => 1/(4+1) decrease
1/4 increase => in 1/5 decerase => 20%

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