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Copy of SCPM Reflection 24 April 2010

No description

John Nicholson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of SCPM Reflection 24 April 2010

Evaluating Health Communication Impact What's In It for me? Key Benefit: Relevance! Embrace Error! what's good evaluation? what's the outcome? Effort Effect Quantity Quality To do what's right we must know what's true rigor is right How much did we do? How well did we do it? Is anyone better off? going down! Clear Thinking Profound Learning Correct Action going up? kaizen: constant improvement Materials Development The 7 C's of Effective Communication Pre-testing is VITAL Appreciate the situation from the audience's point of view Key Ideas: Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein Focus demands sacrifice Quality costs less Heirarchy of Communication Effects Command Attention! People see the world through different lenses "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave!!!" What we DO is more important than what we say! Clarify the message Convey a benefit Consistency counts "In the factory we make cosmetics, in the store, we sell hope." Charles Revlon Cater to heart and head Create Trust Call to Action The 8th C: Calculate results! Evaluate! Steps for developing materials Use the best tallents available Develop a creative concept (brainstorm) Pretest the creative concept, and revise Write the script/text Select images/story board pretest storyboard/rough layouts revise based on pretest Produce final materials Sources of Power

John Kenneth Galbraith

Liberal thinker

"Power is not something
that can be assumed or
discarded at will like
underwear.” Four Sources of Power

Physical Strength
Network Physical Strength

Perseverance Charisma

Power of persuasion


It’s not what you know, but who you know.

the Value of a network increases with the number of users (and with frequency of users)

Ecosystem of networks
Which is the most important to the practice of communication now?

Social networks.
We primarily communicate and share information with each other through social networks.
Thank you "If your kids aren't asking you, they may be asking for trouble"
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