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Blood On The Dance Floor Prezi

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Edwin Castaneda

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Blood On The Dance Floor Prezi

Presentation by-
Edwin Castaneda The Evolution Of
Blood On The
Dance Floor Vague Beginnings Scream For My Ice Cream Game Over? Jayy Von Monroe Boy Talks Trash! All The Rage! Evolution Dahvie Vanity and Garrett Ecstasy The song that made Blood On The Dance Floor's
start to fame was Scream For My Ice Cream. An
electronic/pop song that contains screaming
vocals thrown in by Garret Ecstasy. The song
contained typical lyrics of sex and partying
that were not hidden behind words. In the year of 2009, Dahvie Vanity
kicked Garrett Ecstasy out of Blood
On The Dance Floor due to allegations
of theft and the, supposedly, spreading
of rumors concerning the Jessie
Slaughter case. After Garrett Ecstasy's departure from
Blood On The Dance Floor, he went solo under the alias, 'Boy Talks Trash.' Boy Talks Trash has the
same music type of Blood On The Dance Floor
with the exception that Garret Ecstasy does
singing and screaming, but not rapping. The
most notable song from Boy Talks Trash is
'P.S. I Hate You.' Almost immediately after Garrett Ecstasy
was out of the band, he was replaced by Jayy
Von Monroe. With Jayy von Monroe as the
latest member, Blood On The Dance Floor
made their album, 'Epic.' Epic contains the
usual sexual songs (most notorious being
'sexting'), but with about a handful of more
mature, meaningful songs. (Believe,
Lovestruck!, and You Done Goofed.) Following Epic, Blood On The Dance Floor
released 'All The Rage.' All The Rage uses
the standard formula of electronic music,
and explicit language with a few exceptions. Evolution was... Somewhat of a turning
point for the electropop duo. Only two dirty
tracks were in the whole album and the
rest had some meaning in it. I'm Solo Too!? E.P.- Clubbed 2 Death Clubbed 2 Death is 3 track E.P.
with roots dating back to Evolution. E.P.- Anthem Of The Outcasts Anthem Of The Outcasts was Blood On The
Dance Floor's major turning point. In The
Anthem Of The Outcasts, there are real
instruments in use. What The Future Holds.... Blood On The Dance Floor is working
on their up and coming album, 'Bad Blood.' Final Artwork? Dahvie (Right) Garrett (Left) Blood On The Dance Floor
Merchandise. Blood On The
Dance Floor and
Jeffree Star
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