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Irony's Web Weaver

represent 3 types of irony with examples

Derreck Godin

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Irony's Web Weaver

The Fence
THE True Meaning of The Fence
May The Odds Be Ever in your Favor
The True meaning of May the Odds Be ever in your Favor.
Verbal Irony
Situational Irony
Dramatic Irony
purpose for all this is to keep predators out of district 12 to ensure every ones safety
Electrified fence
Barbed wire at the top
High fence
Guards watch the gate
Electrified so people cant touch it
Barbed Wire so people cant climb over it
High fence so its harder for people to climb
all this is to keep people in
The fence is the bars of a prison cell, for district 12
Roof of the capitol building
force field
the reason the roof has an electrified
force field is to keep the tribute from from making a fatal mistake and fall off the roof
True meaning of the roof
Electrified so people cant touch it
Force Field so people cant jump off
safe so there is always a show
The electrified force field around the roof is another form of a prison so the capital does not lose any tributes before the games
this means to wish the tributes good luck and hopefully the odds of the game are on your side to win
The true meaning of this phrase is to wish one person good luck. the games where never in your favor because you got chosen to be in the games
Alliance between Rue & Katniss
stronger together
easier to collect food
easier to eliminate others
help each other
Irony Behind The Alliance
The irony behind the alliance is that only one tribute can survive and eventually they will have to kill each. So no matter how much they help each other out it is all pointless in the end.
"District 12 where you can starve to death in saftey"
The love between peeta and katniss
star crossed lovers
hold hands
keep him alive
helps him with his leg
she gives him lost of kisses
Katniss and peeta have a little bit of a relationship during the hunger games.
The Truth behind Peeta and Katniss love
She kisses him to amuse the crowd.-"one kiss equals one bowl of soup"
she only helps heal him to have a better chance to win because of the new rule.
the stare crossed lovers thing is just an act to possibly help them with sponsers.
Peeta really likes katniss, but katniss does not feel the same love for peeta. she only pretends to help win sponsor and help her win the game. also it was someone she could trust and hold on to throughout the game.
District 12 citizens are protected by gaurds and a high barbed wire fence so it is really safe in the terms of protection. but it is not a safe place in the terms of food because not everyone can afford it.
The true meaning of the quote
The true meaning behind this quote is that your are always safe from predators but not from starvation. so district 12 is not safe at all because you have the chance of dieing from starvation.
Happy Hunger Games
Fight to represent your district
for some tributes it is an honor to be in the hunger games
The Phrase happy hunger games is said to express the celebration of the hunger games
True meaning of happy hunger games
nothing happy about watching people die
nothing happy about being chosen for the hunger games
The is nothing to be happy about when 23 kids are thrown in the arena to be slaughtered by the strongest contestant. also there is nothing happy about only having your name entered once and still be chosen
The Hunger Games
show what district is the smartest and strongest
treated as a thing of honor
The hunger games where designed to show people the strongest and smartest district and give the winner great glory and rewards
True meaning of the hunger games
to punish the district for the rebeilon
to show the district the the capitol runs everything
The hunger games are the capitals ways of putting fear in the districts minds to prevent and rebellion in the years to come.

the preparation before the games
Before the games the tributes are given a taste of the good life in the capitol. they are over feed dressed to please everyone.
Irony behind the preparation
it is ironic that they treat them this way when they are just to be slaughtered like pigs why not just train them and trow them in the arena.there is no need to dress up to prove anything. the sponsor should go by skill not look.
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