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Ben Cavaletto

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Translation

Center on Translation Produce Translations Catalog Translations Translation "Wiki" What is ? Translation is producing a written/recorded text from a written/recorded text. It's just like interpreting, but with time!! We in Access Services could produce, with significant deaf involvement, high-quality translations of important texts taught in high schools and colleges, such as the "I have a Dream Speech." These signed translations would provide greater access to education for deaf students in high school and college. This endeavor would provide
DAS with an opportunity to do cutting edge research and
development in access services, as well as to collaborate
with other departments on campus (ASLIE)
and other educational institutions. Build and maintain a Translation Clearinghouse website.
This site would catalog currently existing English/ASL
translations, and make it possible for interested
parties to browse the list and find retrieval
information for each entry. Build and maintain a site that would allow professional/lay translators of signed languages to post their own translations and have them reviewed by others (similar to how average citizens
post and edit each other's articles on Wikipedia). This international
community forum would produce mixed quality translations, but
produce at a much faster rate than any translation team could achieve.
In this model, a page of English text from The Odyssey could
be translated into ASL, BSL, LSF, etc, and also feature other
spoken-language translations (to aide international users
to translate into their own signed language.
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