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My English poem.

Mitchell Lim

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of WAR OF THE TONGUES

War of The Tongues By: Mitchell Lim The Video What is the poem about? -Mandarin and English -Came to China 1st Stanza -Lost my mother tongue -My Foreign tongue becomes dominant 3nd Stanza Metaphor-
"And so my mouth
Was a different place" Metaphor-
"And the once lively place
Seemed as solemn as a graveyard." Hyperbole-
"The thick pools of Saliva" -The differences made after she left 2nd Stanza -How i felt about the situation

-Disgraced and ashamed 4th stanza Hyperbole-"After an Eternity" Metaphor and Allusion-It was like serving one master,Which was much better than serving two,Because I did not have to love one and hate one. Stanza 5 -Return of the mother tongue -Allusion and metaphor:
"A tongue is like a double-edged sword,Quick to complement and just as fast to offend."

Stanza 6 "To get down from her mandible throne,
And to let her take her rightful place in my mouth." Stanza 7 -Rhyme
"When two tongues fight,
It is not a pretty sight." -Metaphor
"The caves of your gum" Stanza 8 -Metaphor
"It is like listening to two pieces of music
Playing at the same time.
It is impossible to concentrate on both at the same time!" Stanza 9 -Oxymoron statement

"Thick chains of saliva"
and "That bind the hatred" END Questions?
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