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French and Indian War Notes

No description

Neil Talbott

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of French and Indian War Notes

French and Native American allies
British and American Settlers
Causes of the War
Rivalry between Britain and France
Disagreement over who owned land in North America
France expands its influence and fur trade in North America
France wants to connect Canadian colonies with Louisiana
Britain wants to expand settlement
Competing for control of the seas.
How the war goes
War begins in America in 1754
Early on the French dominate
What advantages do the French have?
Later the war spreads to Europe 1756-1763 (Seven Years War)
Who would most of the Native Americans support?
Wiliam Pitt takes over in England
Pitt agrees to have Britain pay for everything initially
Greatly increases the number of troops in America
Britain starts winning several victories
Won the battle for Fort Dusquene
At the junction of the Ohio and Algheny Rivers
Renamed the fort in Pitt's honor
George Washington at 22
To win a war what do you need?
General Braddock led British troops in North America
Effects of the War
Sign the 1763 Treaty of Paris
France gives up almost all of its land in North America
Spain gives Florida to Great Britain but gets most of the land west of the Mississippi
Native Americans lose biggest ally (The French)
Conflict between Natives and the English remains
Britain pays attention to the colonies
Britain has an enormous debt
Who should pay for the debt?
Turning point of the War
Victory at Quebec
The Iroquious sided with the British
Had been NEUTRAL for generations
Quebec Siege
Social Studies
French and Indian War
The Seven Years War

2 European nations fighting in this war
Great Britain (England)
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