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Stray Dogs

No description

Claudia Reyes Castro

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs
What does "stray dog" mean?
A stray dog is a dog that lives on the streets and does not have an owner.
Chilean Statistics
• 70% of canine population are stray dogs.

• In 2011, there were 31.513 complaints
about people who were bitten by dogs.

• A female dog can give birth 15 dogs twice
in a year.

Government Stance
Since 2009, there is a law about animal protection which established that the Ministry of Health must be the institution which has to teach people about the responsible animal possession.
How do we face this situation
every day?


To create a bond between a dog and a person, in a way that begins a maternal or paternal relationship
Sterilization / Castration (Male Dog)
The action that removes or destroys the sexual organs of the animal to prevent future offspring.

The person who takes the whole responsibility for dogs.
A group of people (in this case, dogs) organized for a certain task
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