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Apple VS. Samsung

Prof. Zarb

Ahmed Banabeelah

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Apple VS. Samsung

Apple introduced iPhone in market in 2007
Samsung introduced galaxy nexus and S series smartphones in 2010.
Apple sued Samsung for copyright infringement in 2011.
Both companies are fighting cases against each other in more than 20 different countries.
Apple got a verdict in its favor in US
Samsung got a verdict in its favor in UK.
The battle goes on……
Ahmed Banabeelah
Overall Financial
Persuasive Speech
Established in 1977 in Cupertino, California
More than $500 billion market capitalization
Revenue of $156 billion
Main products: iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTunes,MacBook & Apple Watch
Established in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea
Revenue of $180 billion
Main businesses Electronics, Shipbuilding
Main products : Galaxy phones, tab and notebooks.
Revenue of $156 billion
Growing at almost 40%
Cash reserve of more than $140 B
Revenue of $180 billion
Growing at 19-20%
Highly leveraged company
Graph showing Earnings of Apple Inc. & Samsung.
Apple is financially very sound
Huge cash reserve of more than $140 billion
Only one creative and innovative product away from going back to its past glory.
Rapidly growing in many segments
Diversified business which reduces risk
Moving from the volume based product line to value based products which is helping boost its top and bottom lines.
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Why Apple is better than Samsung?
Overall Financial
Comparisons between Apple and Samsung
Graphs and pictures depicting :
Earnings during 2013
Traffic of users in U.S and Canada
Similarities in Samsung for which it was sued
Apple Inc. was the first to have the original idea of developing a touch screen phone, and called it the iPhone. After copyrighting it, they were soon enough copied by Samsung.
Apple has the fastest chip in the world which is the A6X chip and Samsung doesn't, is an advantage of apple over Samsung.
The picture quality of iPhone is way better than Samsung's smart phones and its sleek design makes it unique.
4g and LTE of apple is better and faster in terms of internet speed.
It’s highly unlikely for an iPhone to hang or slowdown the user interface.
Why Apple is better than Samsung?
Apple’s products are portable, Samsung has products comparatively very big.
There is a fingerprint proof back plating on back of the iPhone.
Processing speed is higher in the iPhone.
Samsung has copied innovations of Apple Inc.
Voice recognition in Apple is far more better than that of Samsung.
Samsung has a market capitalization of about $154 billion.
Resale value of Samsung phones are very less.
Comparisons why apple is better than Samsung?
Comparative share IOS VS Android
Similarities for which Samsung was sued by Apple. In 2011
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