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Girl In Blue

This is a presintation that I had to do for a Book Report, please tell me what you think of it :)

Makayla Michael

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Girl In Blue

Girl in Blue Summary : Recommendation The main players of this book were Sarah Louisa, Ma, Ben, Doctor Hammond, Kate, Rose Greenhow, Little Rose, and Captain Sheldon.

Sarah Louisa: She is a brave girl who would do anything for the ones she loves. She is the Main Character in this book.
Ma: She is Sarah's Mother and she planned Sarahs escape from her father
Ben: He is Sarah's younger brother who is too weak to join the army even though he wants to. Sarah loves him and he is always there for her.
Doctor Hammond: He was the first one who Sarah met at the camps. She was his assistant in the hospital tent. He also set her up with her detective job.
Kate: She is the person who had trained Sarah for her detective job as a maid. She is also a very good friend of Sarah.
Rose Greenhow: Rose is the women that Sarah has to be a maid for. Rose is a selfish women who will act all sweet but once you get to know her, she isn't what you expected.
Little Rose: She is Rose Greenhow's daughter and Sarah also cares and looks after her too. Little Rose isn't at all like her Mother, but she is still sick of bieng stuck in her house like a prisoner.
Captain Sheldon: He is the Captain of the lieutenants that guard Rose Greenhow's house. He is also has some feelings for Sarah as well. Characters : Life during this time period was pretty much young men were joining the Union Army, and African Americans were used as slaves and treated poorly. What I was surprised at is that when girls and young woman misbehaved, the father of that child had the right to make her sit down at the edge of the table on her knees and watch her father eat. I didn't think that girls were able to be treated that way in this time period. People mostly earned a living by working and earning money. Jobs were very hard to find during this time because the war was going on and taxes were very high. When Sarah was still at home in the beginning of the story, she had to go out and hunt for food for her family to eat. Culture Americans were treated better than African Americans. African Americans were mostly used as slaves. There was an evident structure, only at certain times. Like in the beginning, its mostly men joining the Union Army and slaves being treated poorly. Towards the end of the book, it doesn't have an evident structure. With Sarah's identity being revealed and her getting sent to a detective agency and being sent to spy on a woman and her daughter as a maid. This part of the story was at some parts unclear and confusing. It was one of those parts where you had to go back and re read it to understand. At least with me. Social Structure I Recommend Girl In Blue to all people who love adventure, bravery, and romance. I love Girl in Blue because it is adventure after adventure after adventure. I also like how this book has so much different history, I learned a lot about the Union War and some characters that were actually part of history. I thought that this book was a great read. The author was able to keep you hooked in each and every chapter of the book. My favorite character in the book is Sarah Louisa, I like how she is a brave and social person. If I had to leave home and disguise as a boy to join the Union Army, I don't think that I would be able to do it. This book gave me a different perspective on historical fiction and I know that I will read this again in High School. By Makayla Michael The Conflict and or issue that was evident in my book was going into the army as a woman and joining a detective agency. I say this because going into the army was tough for Sarah. It was rough for her because no one knew that she was a woman so they wouldn't ever go easy on her. The other conflict or issue that was evident in this story is Sarah joining the detective agency with Mr. Pinkerton. I say this because she was just revealed as a girl and she had no idea where she was going to go to from there. She didn't know if she was going to get sent back home or used for some other purpose that she could be useful for. She was lucky that she was able be a detective. Both of these conflicts and or issues that were evident impacted history because after the first woman joined the war as a man and they would have never known all of the things that Rose Greenhow wrote in their diary if they didn't find it. They let woman fight in the war just as well as men if they wanted to a couple years after arguing back and forth about it. Also, if people didn't find Rose's diary, then they wouldn't know all of the things that Rose wrote about in her diary. For example, government information and things that were personal between her and other people that would be insulting to some people. Significant Issue Sarah Louisa runs away from home so she doesn't have to wed a greedy man, also to get away from her abusive father. She runs away from home and stays with her Aunt Annie. She disguises herself as a guy to join the Union Army. Once she gets to the camps in Washington, she gets a job to work with Doctor Hammond. She only gets to work with him for a month or so until she has to leave her job to prepare for going into war. She goes into the Battle of Bull Run. Getting lost during the war, she has to find her way back to her group. She ends up catching a ride on a carriage to get her way back to camp. Once she gets back, Doctor Hammond wants her to go on a mission to get some medical stock from a widowed woman. She heads out and gets the medicine, the woman tried to shoot her because she was part of the Union Army, and Sarah accidentally shot her back. She took the lady back to camp for her to heal. A couple days later, the woman was the one to reveal her identity, Doctor Hammond sends her off to a detective agency with a man named Mr. Pinkerton. She gets assigned to disguise as a maid to take care of Rose Greenhow and her daughter. Her job was to find Rose's Diary. During the job she meets Lieutenant Sheldon. At first she told herself that she couldn't trust anyone, but that didn't last that long with him. They both partnered up trying to find Rose's Diary. During the time that they were looking, they started to like each other. They finally found the diary and Sheldon turns it in to his agency and gets promoted to Captain. Rose ends up having to be locked up into her room because of all the things that she had said in her diary that was turned in. No one was supposed to visit her, but Sheldon did. Sarah had spotted Sheldon comforting her. Sarah got so upset that she reported Sheldon saying that he went into Rose's room. Sheldon had found out that she had done it, he yelled at her and Sarah was overwhelmed by it that she fainted. Kate (the person who trained her to be a detective) took her into her house to make sure that she was okay. After she heals, she decides to go home and see her family dressed up as a boy as she did in the army. She rides home and asks her mom if she can stay in the barn. Her Mom and sister didn't recognize her, Ben (her brother) didn't either. She found out that her abusive father was killed in a hunting accident and that her sister was in love with the greedy man her father wanted her to marry. She went out to the barn and Ben realizes its her because her horse recognized her. Ben was shocked that she was still alive. Sarah told him that she was leaving in the morning and that he should tell Ma that she was the boy after she had left. Ben had insisted that she's take her horse Max with her back to Washington. It was hard to leave home, but she knew that she was doing the right thing.
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