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Characterization - LA2

No description

John Prezzavento

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Characterization - LA2

Understanding a
story's main players direct characterization An author DIRECTLY states what he wants his readers to know about a character. Kim is the most easy-going girl I have ever met. Josh got nervous when he walked by the football field, thinking about the upcoming game. indirect characterization An author hints at the personality traits of his characters but makes the readers decide what type of person they are meeting. Appearance Speech private thoughts Round vs. Flat
CHARACTER A character with many different personality traits. A round character cannot be easily described. Main characters are usually round characters A character with only a few personality
traits and can be described in a single
sentence. Flat characters are typically
minor characters in a story. Why is it important to include both round and flat characters in a story? What can you learn about a character with two black eyes and an Affliction shirt? or one with an 3-piece suit and a brief case? A character with wrinkled clothes and his pocket sticking out? Actions:
You can learn about characters by the things they do and by how they treat others in the story. You can learn about characters by what they say and how they say it. What can you learn about the characters in this scene based on their speech? An advantage fiction has over real life is that authors can tell us what their characters are thinking. How other characters react to them. Readers can learn a lot about characters based on how others in the story react to them. Static Characters Vs.
Dynamic Characters Dynamic Characters Characters that change or grow throughout the course of a story. A dynamic character learns from a major event during the story. Static Characters Characters who stay the same throughout the course of a story. The way an author describes how a character looks and sounds can teach us a lot about that character.
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