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Chloe Stuart

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of E-Safety

what is it?
E-Safety about being safe online
If you have encountered cyber bullying or such, then you should report it to either an adult you trust, maybe tell a friend, or you could report them to CEOP as bulling is in fact is the against the law. By simply clicking a button looking like this:
You can report the bullying
CEOP is an organization that helps stop cyber-bullying
Here is a link to the CEOP website,
so you can check out the website your self!

Here also is a link to an e-safety website:


Here is a video about cyber bullying and a young girl being stalked. This video shows how much trouble you can get into by tal to people you don't know
Just click this button to report anything that you suspect whilst your on the internet...
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