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on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Facilitate Community Building
Listen At Least As Much As You Talk
Applies online and in real life
Essential for any relationship
People love to talk about themselves
Ask open ended questions

Identify and Support Your Champions

Also known as fans of the company
Help spread messages
Defend company image
Help others use product or service

Provide Information People Want

Fill information gaps
Good examples:
Industry-insider news
In-depth technical guides
Brief answers to questions
Be Real

Be open to the consumer market
Be truthful

Integrate strategies at
the right time and place

AIDA and similar approaches
Conventional advertising
Product promotion pages
Motivate audience to connect
Increases participation
Increases unity
Initiate and Respond to Conversations Within the Community

Be engaging
Speak conversationally
Provide information users need
Promotional Messages on Social Media and Ethical Standards

Maintaining High Ethical and Legal Standards

Marketing and Sales Messages Must be Truthful and Nondeceptive

You Must Back Up Your Claims with Evidence
“Bait and Switch” Advertising is Illegal

Closed Ended and Open Ended
Persuasion is key
Aligning interests
Provide information
Help ease confusion
Legal restrictions on marketing and sales messages

FTC prohibits:
misleading statements or accusations
not enough information
implying false information

Support claims with concrete
Scientific study

Special Marketing for Children
Advertising for a product you
do not intend to sell
Lure them into a more expensive product

Consent from parents for children under 13

Sales Message Restrictions

Considered binding contracts
in many states
Not reaching the agreements
can result in legal action

Displaying Personal Information

Invasion of privacy
Can use pictures of celebrities
Cannot imply endorsements
Sandy Pham, Angela Compania, Derick Abedian, Cooper Michael
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