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Timbre Presentation

TIMBRE for middle school gen. music class. Original graphics (those not provided by Prezi) copyright 2012 W.Gamble

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Timbre Presentation

Or "types of instruments" INSTRUMENT
FAMILIES ...into which you blow air
to make a sound. ...which make sounds
by vibrating a string. ...which you play
by hitting, kicking, or shaking. ...which feature sounds
created through the use of technology. Wind Instruments Stringed Instruments Percussion Instruments Electronic Instruments Brass Instruments Wind instruments that don't use the brass mouthpiece.

Some are played with a "reed."

They don't look alike, but they sound alike. Woodwind Instruments Long tubes made of brass or other metals.
Use a cup-shaped mouthpiece. To make a string vibrate: pluck (pick)
bow "Pitched"
Percussion Instruments ...can't play different pitches. Non-Pitched
Percussion Instruments Woodwinds
Brass ...can play different pitches.
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