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Professional Communication Skills

No description

Jessica York

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Professional Communication Skills

Professional Communication
Skills By: Austin Smith and
Jess York Communication: Customer Relations: Know Your Purpose: Subject: Active Listening: Writing: Having good communication is an important value when in a professional career. This is when the exchange of information between a sender and a recieveiver is formed. Good communication is the basis of positive customer relations. This is the skills you use to meet the needs of customers and clients. Everyone has a purpose. Everything you say has one too! Having a clear purpose helps you communicate effectivley. Audience Subject is the main topic or key idea. State your idea clearly, and use specific facts and examples. Active listening is listening and responding with full attention to what is being said. In the world of work, active listening can be your most powerful communication tool. Writing is very important in speaking because it is a way of being/staying in touch. Emails, calling, and texting are common uses of talking. An audience is anyone who receives information. Once you have solid information, you can invite an audience. Reading is also very important when it comes to communication. Previewing is a way of looking over a piece of writing without taking the time of fully reading it. Reading: Skimming:

Skimming through a piece of writing
is important because you are not reading every word but instead you are just picking up key words or phrases. Thank you for watching our presentation! Works Cited Kimbrell, Grady. Succeding in the World of Work.
Bothell, WA: McGraw Hill Companies Incorperated, 2012, Print. "Effective Communication Skills & Tips Training Video." Integration Training. Youtube. Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom. Feb 28, 2011. Online Video. http://images.google.com
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