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Unit 9.1 - Using Movie Maker

In this unit you will learn how to use Movie Maker to record and edit a video which includes sound, video and images

Tim Brown

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Unit 9.1 - Using Movie Maker

Movie Maker
Unit 9.1
Working with Movie Maker
You have been asked by a documentary film maker to produce a short film on the topic of 'Tourism in Northern Ireland'.
Your task is to work in groups to:
Search the Internet to find suitable images of the local area
Search the Internet to find suitable copyright / royalty free music to go with your film
Plan and film your own footage to go in to your film
Use the images, sound and video to put together a short film using Movie Maker
Step 1 - Gather your images
Search for suitable images
When searching you should use:
Suitable key words to search for suitable images
Logical operators - '+', "-"
Use quotes around phrases e.g. "Northern Ireland Tourism"
Provide evidence of your searches
Store all your images in one folder
It is much easier to import images into Movie Maker if they are all in the one folder.

Create a folder called 'Tourism' and save all the useful images you find in to the folder
Edit images if necessary
Use Fireworks or Photoshop to improve the image by:
Cropping the image if necessary to remove areas of the image you do not want
Editing out backgrounds to improve the impact of the image or to make parts semi-transparent
Step 2 - Import the images in to Movie Maker
Step 3 - Add the images to the timeline in Storyboard mode
Step 4 - Add Transitions
These will go in between each photograph
Step 5 - Add Video effects
These will affect the way each image looks
Step 6 - Add Music Choose music that suits the audience and purpose
Step 7 - Add titles
You can add titles:
On each image
At the front of the video
At the end
Or ALL of these!!!
Step 8 - Edit your video

Improve your video by making each image last longer or shorter

Improve your video by matching up the transitions with the music
Step 9 - Add Narration

To add narration you should record and edit the audio in Audacity

Import the audio in to Movie maker

If you want to add narration and music you should do this in Audacity first!
Step 10 - Finish your movie and save

Take time to finish your movie and make sure that it meets the brief and is suitable for the intended audience

You should use the 'Save for my Computer' option and set appropriate compression levels

See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
See Video on the VLE
You will need to:
Work together as a group
In your group decide who will take on each role
Each member of the group will take part in the filming either as an actor or as the camerman
Each of you will edit the material you have gathered to produce your own video
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